Eric Fisher dealing with shoulder, thumb problems


The top pick in the draft now has a pair of injuries to work his way back from, but he thinks he could still play in Friday’s preseason game.

Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher was held out of yesterday’s practice with a left thumb injury suffered in his first professional game last Friday at New Orleans, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid said the No. 1 overall pick was also dealing with a shoulder issue.

It’s a bruise in there,” Reid said of Fisher’s right shoulder, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “He didn’t complain about it during the game, he didn’t complain about it after the game. It showed up [Saturday]. He can’t quite get the motion that he needs.

“It’s not structural, it’s a muscle bruise. We’ll get it settled down, It’s day-by-day. I think he’ll be all right.”

Fisher said “I think I’ll be back very soon,” which could possibly put him back on the field for Friday’s preseason home opener against the 49ers.

Until he’s back, second-year tackle Donald Stephenson will work in his place.

10 responses to “Eric Fisher dealing with shoulder, thumb problems

  1. Training camp: Hurts a finger
    Training camp: Hurts another finger
    Preseason game: Hurts his thumb
    Preseason game: Hurts his shoulder

  2. @tombradyswig you might want to check your facts before you look like the idiot you already are. Fletcher Cox was the eagles 1st round pick in 2012. You should find better things to do than try to run down Andy Reid and to say Fisher is a bust because he’s got an dinged up thumb just show how really stupid you are.

  3. tombradyswig says: Aug 12, 2013 9:32 AM


    Doesn’t surprise me from Andy Reid though. Last years 1st round pick, Danny Watkins, 27 yr old part time fireman, is now a back up!


    Typical idiot troll. I’ll tell you what’s been a bust. Just about every draft pick Bill Bilichicken has made sense his time with the patriots. Unlike Andy who has made several good ones.

    1. Laurence Maroney RB 2006 (Round 1, pick 21)

    2. Chad Jackson WR (Round 2 pick 4) Lost a 3rd rounder (Pick 75 overall) to Green Bay to aquire this bust in 2006.

    3. Bethel Johnson WR (Round 2, pick 13) 2003

    4. Daniel Graham TE (Round 1, pick 21) 2002. Guy who never had more than 40 catches or 500 receiving yards in any season with the pats in 5 years.

    5. Terrence Wheatly CB (Round 2, 2008)

    6. Shawn Crable LB (Round 3, 2008)

    7. Kevin Oconnell QB (Round 3, 2008

    And I could go on. But what’s the point? Bill Bilichick has been riding the back of his lucky 6th round pick of Tom Brady his entire career. And that was no genius draft pick. He was picked in the “6th” round. If the Patriots knew he was going to be that good, there’s no way he would have fallen that far. Only reason Brady got a start was their “star” QB at the time, Drew Bledsoe got hurt.

    I haven’t even brought up Hernandez, which should be on the list too. You do some research and you will find several shady players who have had off the field incidents covered up by this organization. Not to mention Spygate. Cheering for the Pats is pretty difficult given their shady history.

  4. Tony Boselli was pretty good but he didn’t play that long because of injuries. Just sayin.

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