Jake Locker has practice to forget


In the statistics hierarchy, practice statistics rank even behind those of the Pro Bowl and the preseason, but when a starting quarterback trying to find his way in the NFL throws three interceptions in a practice . . . well, that’s a stat that catches our attention.

Indeed, Titans quarterback Jake Locker had something of a tough practice on Sunday, per Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean. In addition to the three picks, Locker was “off target on several other throws,” Wyatt observed.

After practice, Titans coach Mike Munchak, per a transcript from the club, noted that on two of the interceptions, Locker would have been sacked before ever throwing the ball in a live-game situation. Munchak also said that “there are a lot of things that go into a ball being picked off.”

Said Munchak: “It was good to see the defense make plays and the offense — this was just one of those practices where they never really got it going consistently.”

A bad practice isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as lessons are learned and applied. And practice stats? Well, they’re still well down the list of important numbers. That said, a strong practice from the Tennessee offense and its third-year quarterback on Monday would be reassuring, if nothing else.

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  1. Really? It’s training camp. Russell Wilson, Jay Cutler, and several other serviceable QBs have struggled as well. It’s different when you have key contributors conservatively rehabbing injuries and coaches installing new wrinkles in the playbook.

  2. Can’t wait for the Jags vs Titans. Gabbert vs Locker! Superstar showdown! Watch Locker pummel the turf with his heat-speaking dirt missiles! Be amazed as Gabbert panics and checks down from a clean pocket!

  3. Remember about 5 years ago when Kiper had him listed as the number 1 prospect if he were to come out early?

  4. As a titans fan, next draft i want the slowest, least mobile qb available with no arm strength but is incredibly accurate. Come on jake, we need you to take a big step forward this year

  5. You guys had an article here a month or so ago and asked why a certain QB wasn’t airing it out on the practice field and I stated that he doesn’t need a bunch of reporters screaming for his head because he threw a couple picks… .soooo ladies and gentlemen….exhibit A is entered into evidence. Everybody listen. …ya ready?….. nobody. …and I mean NOBODY. .. cares about PRACTICE stats.

  6. Fixing that horrible accuracy that he had coming out of college anytime now.

    This guy is going to get everybody fired this year, and the next coach can finally pull the plug on this failed experiment.

  7. I laugh at Locker’s critics just like I laughed at a young Steve McNair’s critics. Same criticisms. Same foolishness. Watch and learn, kids.

  8. tennesseeoilers,

    The only foolishness is that you’re comparing one of the best QBs of the last decade to this clown. McNair never had accuracy issues, which is Locker’s profound problem. McNair was just extremely raw and brought along at a snail’s pace to the pro game, and even then he still flashed good play when he would come in. You saw something there. Locker, not so much.

    If anyone can point to someone coming into the league and fixing that problem, I’ll listen. When pre-draft, people are saying your pro ceiling is Jake Plummer, that’s not a good thing.

  9. tennesseeoilers says:

    “I laugh at Locker’s critics just like I laughed at a young Steve McNair’s critics. Same criticisms. Same foolishness. Watch and learn, kids.”

    C’mon now, there’s no way you actually believe that! Then again, you’re a Titans fan, so maybe you do!

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