Antrel Rolle will do “whatever it takes” to play in opener


Safety Antrel Rolle said that there’s no timeframe right now for his return to the field from the sprained ankle he suffered in Monday’s practice when his feet got tangled up with tight end Bear Pascoe’s on a pass thrown Pascoe’s way.

The lack of such a schedule didn’t stop him from making a prediction for where he’ll be on September 8 when the Giants face the Cowboys. Rolle said he’ll be on the field.

“I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that is not even a possibility,” Rolle said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “Treatment two times, three times, four times a day, whatever it takes, I am going to do it.”

Rolle described his injury as a “pretty good” sprain, although it is not the dreaded high ankle sprain that has bedeviled many players, including Rolle, over the years. With almost a month to go before the first week of the regular season, Rolle, who has not missed a game in the last three seasons, would seem to have a good chance of making good on his vow to be in the lineup for that game.

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  1. Sorry to see the troubles continue for my Giants.

    Rolle is hands down the team MVP and heart of the defense. Class act all around. Toughest safety in the NFL.

    The only guy who matched Rolle in importance in the past 15 years was Tiki Barber. You haters like bashing Tiki, but the Giants would never have won Coughlin’s Super Bowls without him. Tiki made Eli into the QB he is today. Tiki was the most selfless player of the past 30 years when he took all the attention on and off the field to shield young Eli and give him time to grow. Tiki was all class and effort. Eli would be a backup in Miami today (if he was even still in the league) without Tiki.

    Tiki was a great husband too. I can’t tell you guys my special super secret sources but I know for a fact that Tiki was heartbroken that his marriage didn’t work out and he didn’t do anything behind his wife’s back. They were long separated when he met his second wife.

  2. Big G-Men fan here. Dude, Tiki’s mother wouldn’t even egree with you. I loved Tiki during his whole career (until he started that midseason crap about leaving and then bad mouthing Coughlin after the playoff game-classless) He was an elite all-purpose back (running, blocking and in the pass game). All Giants fans loved him-until…..he bad mouthed Eli and sounded pathetic in doing. He left b/c he thought Coughlin sucked and Eli didn’t have it and he thought he had a marketable personality. Wrong on all counts So no ring bro. Being a great player doesn’t make him a good person. Talk to the hand b/c EVERY Giant fan disagrees w/ you.

  3. justinstuckrule says:
    Aug 13, 2013 3:56

    Dude, Get a life clone! Or I should say Clown

  4. Eli would be a backup? So Tiki was a quarterback coach? Tiki shielded him how? He drove to his house and threw away all his newspapers so he couldn’t read all the negative press? A RB has never and will never “make” a QB. It’s like saying Steve DeOssie made Steve Weatherford.

  5. Rolle is a beast. He’s filled in admirably for the “soul” left when Pierce retired. Hopefully, our CBs will stay healthy enough for Rolle to stay at safety instead of nickel corner. When he’s freelancing, it’s like we have a totally different defense.

  6. The guy is an animal, always plays with fire and the right attitude. He was one of the view bright spots last year for the defense along with Stevie Brown…ok, maybe JPP a little too.

    He needs to be on the field for the Giants.

    Go BIG BLUE!!!

  7. Of course Rolle will be there for week one. He lives to play and is the type of player most teams can only wish to have.

  8. “youarejealousof6rings ” wasn’t even a zygote when the Steelers obtained the vast majority of their SB rings a loooong time ago in the 1970s.

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