Chiefs say Charles injury not long-term

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It appears the Chiefs avoided the worst with running back Jamaal Charles.

He was out on the practice field but not working this morning, though he wasn’t wearing a walking boot to protect his injured foot.

According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, the team has ruled out a long-term injury such as a Lisfranc.

Now comes the questions of how long he’s on the sidelines and not practicing, and how his absence causes the Chiefs to adapt their offense. The good news is, it shouldn’t be dramatic on either count.

12 responses to “Chiefs say Charles injury not long-term

  1. Good news for us Chiefs fans.

    Here’s a prediction:

    Knile Davis starts on Friday & doesnt do much of anything against the best defense in the NFL. Our offense doesn’t look very good missing Charles.

    Chiefs fans everywhere panic as if we lost 4 regular season games.

    Love our fan base, but it doesn’t take much for the sky to start falling.

  2. joetoronto says: Aug 13, 2013 12:51 PM

    “He’s done.”

    Charles could lose his foot to gangrene, and still be the best player for the Raiders.

  3. shayeezy says:
    Aug 13, 2013 12:25 PM
    let’s have a moment of silence for adam schefter and all the trolls hypothesizing about this being a more serious injury.


    Schefter used to have great inside information, but since joining ESPN he has become a bumbling throw stuff on the wall and see if it sticks knucklehead like many of his co-workers.

  4. joetoronto says: Aug 13, 2013 12:51 PM

    He’s done.

    The ignorance never ceases to amaze me with this one…

  5. Curious – anybody else think Reid’s plan to hand/ throw him the ball 40 times a game has a serious flaw??

    RB’s get injured in the NFL – it happens all the time…..most every team has gone to RBBC for this reason.

    Plug and play.

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