Doug Marrone not crazy about saying workload will make C.J. Spiller vomit

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When discussing running back C.J. Spiller’s role in the Bills backfield last week, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said that the team would keep giving Spiller the ball “until he throws up.”

While Hackett went the colorful route in describing their plans, the implication wasn’t that Spiller would be taking a page from Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday and vomiting all over the field on a weekly basis as much as it was that Spiller would be a workhorse. Coach Doug Marrone said Tuesday that he thought people understood that was the point that Hackett was making, but he also said he’d prefer it if the coordinator found another way of expressing himself in the future.

“I think as coaches we need to be careful of what we say,” Marrone said, via Mike Rodak of “I said that to Nathaniel, and I said that to the team. I think we all knew what he meant but, again, in this day and age, not everybody that’s involved in the game of football truly understands that. We want to be true professionals in how we represent our sport.”

However the team chooses to phrase it, Spiller’s role was made clear in Sunday’s preseason opener against the Colts. Spiller was the ballcarrier or intended ballcarrier on five of the team’s first seven offensive plays and then left the game. The ratio might not always be that great, but Spiller’s going to get all the work he can handle this season.

49 responses to “Doug Marrone not crazy about saying workload will make C.J. Spiller vomit

  1. “We want to be true professionals in how we represent out sport.”

    A tad ironic that there is a typo in the line talking about being true professionals….

  2. Spiller was the ballcarrier or intended ballcarrier on five of the team’s first seven offensive plays and then left the game. For intravenous rehydration treatment.

  3. Gotta say Hackett sounds like a hack. Anybody that would think that way let alone say it has issues and doesn’t really understand what this game is about. Never before has vomit been a prerequisite for competitive greatness, in fact it’s virtually the opposite. There are a lot of great offensive minds out there and I’m hard-pressed to think Hackett is the best available. I’d get rid of him and wouldn’t let somebody like that get near my players.

  4. If Spiller is vomiting on the field, that would indicate that he is not in shape. I hope that Hackett is simply saying that they will work Spiller into top condition.

  5. Hackett was just being overzealous in his comments. This new administration is just what the doctor ordered. New and aggressive ideas. Out with the old timers.

  6. LOL, So “expert” If he said he was going to run him until his legs fell off, would you take that literally as well? Guy uses an off the wall way to describe his RB’s workload and all of a sudden he ” has issues and doesn’t really understand what this game is about.” Give me a break.

  7. I’m a longtime Bills fan and I really like what I’ve heard from Nataniel Hackett so far. He is very candid in his interviews and doesn’t use “Coach-Speak”.
    He is extremely energetic at practice and is often seen running down the sideline to keep up with the play. As cliche as it might sound, Hackett really is a breath of fresh air.

  8. Spiller is a top 3 back in the league, and he’d be my number one choice in the league in choosing a long term RB. Say what you want about proving it with numbers and workload and I will agree with you. But if you tell me that there is another back with more talent and promise not named AP, then I will tell you you’re ignorant. CJ is as shifty and as fast as they come, and his power is very, very underrated. If he stays healthy, I guarantee you he will compete for the rushing title, if not run away with it.

  9. Hackett has enthusiasm that is contagious he is an up and coming Coordinator, He is young and will learn, Love having him as the Bills OC

  10. The mere fact that the HC needs to clarify this just goes to show how pathetically PC people have become. Was anyone really confused about what Hackett meant? Now you have posters on here calling for him to be replaced. Seriously?

  11. bygd1:

    Never owned a Barbie or had interest in them. Football is my life and what I’m most passionate about, so this is all I really want to spend my free time on and I’m sticking with what I know and love the most!

    I take it you disagree and think Hackett is doing a good job. Well let’s meet up later and critique the offense and see. I’m betting against him, I think he’s bad for the team with his attitude and philosophy.

  12. mack2x:

    No, because it’s not a realistic thing or likely outcome of overly intense activity to have your legs fall off, and muscle conditioning it is considered a good thing to beat down those muscles and tear them up so they can grow back stronger. But he was talking about something completely different and arguably dangerous and unhealthy. It was extremely inappropriate. Riley Cooper didn’t literally mean he was planning on getting into a gang fight either. It was just a frustrated expression. But when you speak you need to be very careful what you say so you don’t reveal something ugly about yourself.

    And this comment has revealed something extremely concerning and I think the Bills would be wise to replace this guy. I’m convinced he’s not a good coach and that there are better choices out there for the position. I’m betting on the Bills finding out the hard way and firing him in the future, in which case I will come back and post “I told you so”. You just can’t win at football when you compromise your management staff and put in people who don’t get it.

    And sure I will give you a break, no problem, you sound like a reasonable person. I just won’t give Hackett a break because he is a loser at heart.

  13. So to all of the Bills lovers that are in denial that this is a problem, what would you say if CJ Spiller dies of a heart attack? You don’t risk your life working out your legs really hard, but if you over exert yourself in the wrong set of conditions and circumstances, then you can die, it is withing the scope of real possibilities although remote.

    Research “Rhabdomyolysis” and you will see just one example of something that can cause death from over-exertion in which vomiting is also a symptom sign.

    Anyhow, this entire conversation doesn’t have to exist and shouldn’t exist in the first place. It only exists because of an incompetent person who is not fit to serve as an NFL coach. There is too much on the line and he can’t be trusted to take care of these people and get the most out of them and in an appropriate way.

  14. Two things I’m taking away from this article is: Doug Marrone’s response is the epitomy of how sissified this league has become and “Thestrategyexpert” has no business posting on a football blog as he has apparantly never heard the term “Figure of speech”.

  15. Hey thestrategyexpert you said this is all you do in your free time no offense man but you should consider getting a job and quit thinking your an nfl analyst lol have you ever even played a down of football in your lifetime and no madden doesnt count lol

  16. @thestrategyexpert

    Take it easy.. Ok you disagree with his offensive philosophy I get it. He was Marrones hire, don’t forget Marrone is going to have a big hand in what the offense does that’s why he was hired. Also, lets give Hackett a chance . It’s his first season. He’s working with a bunch of young players who learning a new scheme and how to play in the pros. If your going to judge the guy because he’s a ra ra coach and you prefer quiet and sullen coaches. We had one.. Chan Gailey. I would rather have a coach who shows emotion and gets players going.

  17. beantownyank:

    Nope, I have never played in the NFL nor coached in it unfortunately, nor am I a celebrity, sorry to disappoint.


    Yeah I have played a lot of football as a kid. But no college or pro football. I do have a job and make a fair living, but to be honest I’m very bored with it. I’m going to stick to being an NFL analyst that works for free. If you give me a chance in the future maybe you will find that I have something of value to offer. I will work hard and try my best to deliver on that and I won’t ever give up trying to improve on what I’m doing to try and earn your respect at a later date if I can.

  18. kgun80:

    Well I thought I was taking it easy, but I have had a lot of aggressive and fiery rebuttals sent my way and I’m just addressing them the best I can while being fair and logical. I have my philosophy about how to run a football team and I reject the way the Bills are going about it on this particular issue. The Bills owner can do what he wants and he is under no obligation to agree with me or run his team the way I think he should run it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a place to point out what I think they are doing wrong.

    Maybe Hackett is the best coach in the world, I don’t know for sure, I’m merely offering my honest and unbiased opinion based upon my read and interpretation of what is going on and I am concerned about the foundation of where Hackett is operating from. It doesn’t appear to be a healthy place and I think he has made a mistake. And to me the best coach is the one who makes the least mistakes. It’s like golf. Hit a ball into the water and you can have a chance to recover, but your odds and chances of winning nevertheless are somewhat compromised. The better golfer knows how to stay out of the pond.

    And yeah Marrone adopts to an extent that which Hackett brings to the table. But I still think Marrone’s job is easier and less hampered if this incident didn’t happen. And to be the best you still have to try and limit the mistakes the best you can and I still don’t see that here in Buffalo. I won’t disagree with you that it might be better than having Chan Gailey, but better than something else is never the way I evaluate. I only evaluate on is there a better way to do things, and if so why aren’t you doing the better way?

  19. thestrategyexpert:

    Anyone in their right mind would not believe that Hackett’s plans are to run CJ Spiller to the point of a heart attack. I can assure you that any strength and conditioning coach would know your big SAT word and what it can cause.

    Bottom line is, you can’t take it so literally…all he meant is that, unlike the previous coaching staff, they will be utilizing Spiller as much as possible.

    What do you have against Hackett anyways?

  20. thestrategyexpert says:Aug 13, 2013 4:25 PM


    Riley Cooper was just making a figure of speech too. A bad choice of words for a figure of speech is still a problem.

    Are you really comparing these 2? Really? Buddy, you need to move onto something else. Taking things so literally and trying to sound intelligent while doing it will get you no love on this site as evidenced in all the negative rebuttals you consistently receive.

  21. clutchbills:

    I never took it literally though. I’m looking at the psychology of where he is coming from and what kind of effect that has. And to me I think there is a better way to motivate players and get them fired up and to do it in a more positive and constructive fashion. He sounds like a mad scientist that is just throwing gunk up at a wall hoping to see what sticks. Whereas my philosophy and mindset is far more logically structured and designed for maximum positive impact to the team.

    I see negative energy and sloppy thinking and scary mentality that isn’t good enough for what I am looking for in a coach. He has failed one of my tests by making a horrible speaking mistake and I am nervous about what else is inside of him that is not conducive to what the team needs.

  22. And if the Bills end up losing a lot of games, you can bet a lot of people will be talking about how vomitous their play level is. What a wonderful setup picture he just created in case there is anything that doesn’t go perfectly. It’s not a good choice of words for many reasons beyond CJ Spiller’s health. It also isn’t respectful to CJ Spiller as a person or the team for yet another issue. There’s a lot of problems with this and I haven’t even covered them all, but again, this issue should not have come into existence, this coach went out of his way to create this mess.

  23. schmitty2:

    No I’m not comparing them, I’m using them to illustrate a point about what is and isn’t an acceptable figure of speech. The Riley Cooper example is an extreme example to serve as an anchor to show you the point, and then it’s a matter of indicating that what Hackett said while it wasn’t as extreme, it’s down the line in severity compared to what Riley said, but nevertheless it establishes the “line” and that Hackett is on the wrong side of that “line”.

    In other words is it ok to steal a penny? Most people say no big deal, but it is a big deal to steal a million dollars right? And what level does it not matter? The million dollar theft is the anchor to show you that a penny stolen is wrong, just a lesser magnitude.

    What Riley Cooper and Hackett said are 2 examples of a bad figure of speech. What mack2x said about working so hard that your legs fall off would have been a weird figure of speech to use, but it wouldn’t have been so wrong for so many reasons, of which only a few have we dissected.

  24. Expert,

    I’m willing to wait and see what you have to offer, but you sure got off on the wrong foot with me by saying you’d fire an OC and not let any of your players near him because of a “tongue in cheek” comment. And, as I posted earlier the Bills offense looked pretty well coached against the Colts.

    But I don’t claim to be an expert, just a fan who has followed the Bills since 1960.

  25. mike076:

    I understand. The issue is this is a text-based conversation and you and I don’t have an intimate foundation to be working from to have a real-time discussion to be on the same page. You can’t judge a person’s comprehensive football philosophy based on a single post, a post of which I still am shocked if you or anybody doesn’t agree that I’m right and this is a bad thing and not a good thing.

    And how is it not admirable that I’m only going to replace Hackett with somebody better? I would never fire a guy for one lousy statement that wasn’t a major issue. But nevertheless this is about winning the Super Bowl and I want the very best guy I can find and I have strong reason based on albeit limited information that Hackett is not the best guy for the job. I doubt he is even close, but that’s what further inspection would determine.

    And if I say something like “they should fire him”, that doesn’t mean they should read my post and say oh well TSE says this so let’s go do that and o it right now no questions asked. It is the sentiment that counts and the reality is that it should trigger a review process that could result in firing if you can find a better option. It’s my opinion again that a better option is out there so commencing with the firing is probably the right thing to do anyhow.

    But naturally if the Bills have more information on the inside that suggest he’s the greatest coach in the world, then they should give him a pass, as would I if I was on the inside and had other information to suggest why he should keep his job. But I’m not in that position and so from my POV they should fire him. If the Bills wanted to debate it with me and say oh ok yeah we see the point but here’s the information you don’t know that justifies why we are keeping him, then that’s fine if they can make that case, but we’re not at that point. I can only comment on that which I have information on.

    And your long history of being a football fan and fan of the team qualifies your opinion as being worthy to be heard, whether you consider yourself an expert or not. It’s worth something to me to know what you think.

  26. Expert, you didn’t address my comment concerning how well coached the Bills offense was Sunday against the Colts. I await your rebuttal.

  27. mike076:

    Oh I wasn’t sure what you were trying to say, I noticed the typo but it seemed rhetorical. They put up a lot of points and I’m impressed with that, in fact they put up more points than any other team so far. Also Manuel looked pretty good for his first game.

    But that’s a preseason victory and it doesn’t count for the regular season. If that point total becomes a habit in the regular season then Hackett and company can surely win me over. I don’t really care what Hackett thinks or if he says something stupid once in a while, so long as he can win better than anybody else.

    And I simply have doubts about this team because they have carryover flak from last year’s miserable failures and they did a weak job in this draft, and so they have not earned my respect as of yet, thus they don’t get any. Make the playoffs and that can change, but until then I’m going to be scrutinizing everything they do.

  28. Well “Expert” (quotes intentional) you just lost all my respect by referring the draft as weak. Tell me where it is weak? I await your “expert” opinion.

  29. mike076:

    No response, you don’t seem to have a respectful way of communicating. This “expert” mocking isn’t appropriate and you already made it clear you don’t respect my opinion, so no reason for me to go into it especially considering you are being extremely upfront about wanting to toy with me. I’m not interested in having to debate the issue with you so I’ll keep those opinions to myself.

    If you are a fan of the team and you approve of the draft, then that’s all that matters, cause you are getting what you want as a fan. They did their job for you!

  30. henryjones20:

    So you would say this whole thread is pretty puke worthy huh? I’m sure glad I’m not the one responsible for originating this topic. That blame falls to Hackett and Team Buffalo.

    Thanks for stopping by to help reinforce my point! Maybe Buffalo will focus on more constructive ways to manage their football team from now on, instead of having to mop up the slop.

  31. WOW! The “expert” tag comes right from your nick and you accuse me of mocking you? You sure are full of yourself, or full of something else!

  32. mike076:

    But I’m not mocking myself with the tag and conversing about it inappropriately. Maybe if you knew more about who I am and my background and the story that goes along with the name origination then you wouldn’t think I was so full of myself or something else.

  33. dasaybz:

    Not every player, they are only going to make CJ Spiller vomit, who coincidentally is my favorite player on the team. They didn’t use him very much during his first 3 seasons so now they want to make up for it and go with overkill. Perhaps in 3 more seasons he will have to retire from excessive physical abuse.

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