No violations of new helmet rule, so far

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The biggest new rule for the 2013 season flows from the league’s decision to prevent a player from using the top of the helmet as a battering ram in the open field.

Despite plenty of complaints and concerns about the banishment of a practice that many assumed had been outlawed long ago, the first 17 games of the preseason have resulted in zero infractions.

That’s what a league spokesman told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun.

Not bad for 2,225 offensive snaps.

The move applies to offensive and defensive players.  And it’s still permitted within the tackle box.

Coincidentally (or not), NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino will join yours truly on Wednesday’s Dan Patrick Show to discuss this and all other new rules changes and points of emphasis for the 2013 season.

8 responses to “No violations of new helmet rule, so far

  1. I have a strong anticipatory feeling that I’m not going to like what Blandino has to say. But well this is his chance to get the job done and maybe he knows what he’s doing. We shall see.

  2. Not a fan of this rule.

    Hope it doesnt affect AP.

    As long as he isnt getting flagged for giving the league some of its most intense highlights in recent history…. I will be fine with it.

    I look at his old highlight reels and some of the plays I fear would draw a flag and 15 yards these days.

    Its a sad change. Wonder what Jim Brown thinks?

  3. That’s because Adrian hasn’t taken the field yet. I hope the new rule doesn’t play with his mind and affect his success on the field.

  4. So using your helmet to batter an opponnent within the tackle box and causing a concussion is ok, but just not outside the tackle box? Kind of like chop blocking, so long as its one offensive lineman removed from the player who is engaged, you can hit a defender low and blow out his knees. Gotta love the logic that goes into NFL when it comes to safety. With the emergence of more option style QB’s RGIII Kapernick, it wont be long before you wont be allowed to touch a QB until hes past the line of scrimmage.

  5. Florio, there was a play in I think the 2nd q of the Seahawks – Chargers game in which Bradford was charged with UR helmet to helmet. Interestingly, the replay showed no contact helmet to helmet but it did show contact on the top of the helmet on Bradford’s part. The penalty was ultimately offset by a holding call but personally I think Hochuli misunderstood the call. I think the SJ was making a crown of the helmet call.

  6. I’m an Eagles fan who was at the Cleveland/Philly game where Coleman got nearly decapitated (pictured). You should have heard the crow’s reaction. Even that crowd was like “owwwwww”.

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