Wednesday’s Dan Patrick Show is football heavy

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With two days down and three to go as guest host for The Dan Patrick Show, we’re loading the cannon with NFL guests on Wednesday.

Joining the program by telephone will be Broncos executive V.P. of football operations John Elway, Saints coach Sean Payton, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, and NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino.

Joining the program in studio will be former Steelers receiver Hines Ward, the MVP of Super Bowl XL and a member of NBC’s Football Night in America.  Hines also will appear once again on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk at 5:00 p.m. ET.

The Dan Patrick Show airs on 275 stations nationwide, and the TV version can be seen on NBCSN and DirecTV’s Audience Network.  Also, audio of the show streams at

If you’ve got questions for any of the guys who’ll be on the show, post them in the comments.  I reserve the right to steal the best ones.

17 responses to “Wednesday’s Dan Patrick Show is football heavy

  1. You could ask Dean Balindo if the NFL will ever adopt the college rule, where when a players helmet comes off he has to sit out the next play. I thought that was a pretty decent rule to implement and makes guys buckle their chin straps for every play. Good job this week on DP sir.

  2. Wow that is a serious power packed lineup!

    I have way too many questions for all of these guests, but mainly the thing I would want to ask the most is to really pin down Blandino on talking about everything in the rulebook and for him to explain what is perfect and what is not, because to me I see the NFL rulebook as by far the worst rulebook in all of sports with so many loopholes and problem rules and vague ambiguous language. There are problems in the rulebook for play outcomes you can invent that have never even happened in a game where stuff isn’t covered with a logical rule, and I’d want to test him to see if he knows what I’m talking about and willing to bet he has no clue. I’d want to see that guy give a full analysis of all the hottest areas of needed improvement in both the rulebook and in ensuring quality officiating. I don’t know about the rest of you but the quality of officiating in this league has been a humongous problem every year. Too many games are decided by bad refereeing/oversight. What is he going to do to make sure there is no problem with the rules or the enforcing of the rules? Well that’s ONE question!

    For Marvin Lewis I would like to know more about what prompted them to take on Vontaze Burfict and why they didn’t use a draft pick on him? If you respected the talent of that man how do you take a gamble to pick him up for free? I even considered he might go undrafted based on my own reads before the draft, but even still I would not have dared waiting until after the draft to get him. I probably would have used a 5th Rounder on him and had people laughing at me.

  3. A veteran PFT reader since 2004, I’ve got a few things for you to ask…

    As an App State guy, I like to follow Mountaineers in the nfl. Ask Coach Payton about running back Travaris Cadet and his chances of getting significant carries for the Saints.

    I also have a feeling Mclovin will go against the grain and pick my Panthers to win the NFC South.

    One more thing, Fritz will sing anything 80’s… How about some Bob Seger, circa 1981?!

  4. Please tell Dan that I wait with baited breath about the next Sandler movie!

    My God…. he gotta realize after 15 Sandler movies they are waisting peoples time.

    Sandler has not had a movie worth $1.00, in ages!

    For the love of God please save him from himself.

    Sheeesh I think I’m the only person out there that cares that Dan is circling the drain!!!!!

    Send me a driver and thank me later!

  5. I hope one of my questions get picked for John Elway:

    You’ve mentioned that a players drive is important, and while there isn’t yet a scientific way to measure drive, what are some of the things you look for when trying to find a player that has a tremendous amount of will-power?

    How does one keep a competitive edge and not become complacent?

    What kept and keeps you driven not only as a player but as the role you’re currently fulfilling?

  6. Just ask him about all the cheap shots he took. If you go game by game, that should eat up about eight hours.

  7. Got a great idea for that show, go some old school football. Have Hines go out for an Elway pass with Marvin covering, but instead of catching it, Hines lays a bone-crushing block on a swivel-headed Lewis.

  8. Just ask him about all the cheap shots he took. If you go game by game, that should eat up about eight hours.

    Ahhhhhhh, Jealousy at its finest. You know if Hines Ward would have been on your team, you would have talked about how great he was.

  9. Just ask him about all the cheap shots he took. If you go game by game, that should eat up about eight hours.

    Because Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, Ngata, Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard NEVER EVER EVER took cheap shots. Oh no…..NEVER.

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