Kevin Kolb gets the start on Friday night


The E.J. Manuel train has been picking up so momentum in Buffalo, but it will pause on Friday night against the Vikings.

The length of that pause will be partially in the hands of Kevin Kolb.

Bills coach Doug Marrone announced Wednesday that Kolb will start at quarterback in the team’s second preseason game. Kolb did not play in the opener after tweaking his knee after slipping on a rubber mat while Manuel played the entire half and played fairly well in his first NFL action of any kind.

Kolb described himself as less than 100 percent on Monday and said he was pushing the envelope to get back on the field and into the competition as soon as possible. There don’t appear to be any paper cuts, so he’ll have a chance to make a case for himself as the man to lead the Bills offense.

Marrone said Kolb hasn’t shown much rust since returning to the field and that he would have started the first preseason game if he’d been healthy. Marrone also confirmed that Kolb will not have wide receiver Stevie Johnson as a target since he’ll remain out with a hamstring strain.

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  1. Kolb knows this is his last chance to prove that he is an NFL starter or a career backup. The Bills gave Ryan Fitzpatrick the same chance, and he ultimately proved that he was a backup.

  2. Only reasoning I can see is to see how kolb does vs the ones and possibly twos. After the vikes game and practice the following days we’ll know who the starter is for game 3 and quite possibly the season opener.

  3. Perfect. That means EJ will start the third preseason game with all the starters for the regular season. Kolb never had a real chance to win the job.

  4. Vikings looking good this year so far. A lot of play makers, Ponder making long throws in camp and MVP going to run through the NFC North.

    Sorry Son. It is the Vikings year.

  5. I’m really hoping he looks terrible. I know it’s wrong and as a fan I should be rooting for our players but.. I don’t need to hear about this guy being a good QB when he has 1 or 2 good games. We all have seen what he is..inconsistent, weak arm, basically not an NFL starter. No matter what he does he won’t be the long term solution. I would rather see EJ start and take the bumps and bruises and get the experience. In all reality he probably won’t make it out of the tunnel on Friday.

  6. Kolb has already ripped the Cardinals off for so much money that it won’t much matter if he never becomes a starter again or signs a big contract.

  7. The Bills’ most experienced QB is healthy enough to start. This is great news. Manuel gets to see just how high the bar is. Other coaches talk about it but I think Buffalo has a true competition underway. Love it!

  8. It doesn’t matter how well Kolb performs, E.J. Manuel will be the Week 1 starter.

    He definitely has the edge following that 2 minute drill vs the Colts last Sunday.

  9. I honestly do like Kolb’s game and I think he gets a bad rep when he doesn’t deserve it. he doesn’t derserve much, if any recognition, but he showed last year he can play and anyone who saw his games saw it. That being said, EJ Manuel is clearly a better option and even if he’s not its probably just best to let him learn for the time being. The bills just don’t have much of a chance this season. they need to build the o-line and recieving core before they do.

  10. This man has made a KILLING off of staring at a clipboard and staying out of harms way (he will forever be grateful to Andy Reid for that). Yet the second you place him on the front lines, he shatters like fine china. As an Eagles fan, I wish Kolb the best, he works hard and is a team guy despite his shortcomings. Although the selfish die-hard in me will forever love Clay Matthews for laying the concussive hit which saved our franchise from the dreaded “Kolb era”. At this point, hes not my teams problem so I hope he either succeeds, or continues to bank enormous checks as a clipboard tripod.

  11. This is the best thing that could happen. This basically says that if Kolb plays well, then EJ still has to earn the spot, and it means that if Kolb blows and EJ goes in and plays decent (at the very least) then the job is most likely his and he had more or less earned it as opposed to having it handed to him.

    Depending on how Tuel plays, I wouldnt be opposed to him being on the team instead of Kolb, and just go find a 3rd string vet (pretty much another TOdd COllins) for insurance reasons..

  12. As a Bills fan I think this is REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid. EJ did amazing Sunday, don’t wanna break the kid’s stride. He WILL be our starting QB someday. But it’s ok, Kolb will hurt himself on the way to the stadium…

  13. Kevin Kolb reminds me of that chic you are going on and off with, knowing very well there is no next level with her.But you let her come over and hang out and next morning you feel like crap.

  14. Kolb will get his shot on Fri. Marrone knows he can’t just anoint Manuel without giving Kolb a fair chance to win the job. He would lose the locker room if he did.

  15. Kolb has had moments that he has looked very good. His biggest downfall is that he has been injured so frequently. He can’t stay the starter long enough between twisted knees, broken ribs and concussions to develop any real rhythm or chemistry with an offense.

  16. He’s going to make the roster regardless as he’s the only veteran. The Bills can’t go into the season with 2 rookie QBs even if they both are better.

  17. “Kolb will start and look terrible. EJ will start Week 1 and look terrible. And the cycle for Bills fans will continue…. to look terrible.”

    So true. The Bills have all of their fans Bill-eiving yet again, only to find out by week 5 its the same old disappoinment. Every year “this is going to be the year” I hear from Buffalo fans every single year. You think they would learn lmao

  18. This is just Coach Morons’ way of justifying Manuel as the starting QB when the season starts. They kept that kid in way longer than they needed to last week to just so he could put up some numbers against some third-stringers. Now they’ll have Kolb face the 1st and 2nd string defense and not put Manuel in until the 3rd and 4th team defenses are in the game. Manuel will of course look much better than Kolb and Coach Moron can say Manuel played better than Kolb in the pre-season and won the job fair and square.
    Sad thing is, Coach Moron thinks he a genius for doing this and doesn’t think anyone can see through his thin charade.

  19. I don’t understand why people downplay Manuel for looking “good” against 3rd or 4th stringers. He is a raw rookie himself. A lot of those guys are veteran players, by the way. Does it really matter who he looks “good” against? If he is making the right reads and making the right throws and audibles, that is what the coaches care about. And they only had 2 healthy QB’s on the roster last week. Playing the only 2 you had a half each made sense, because it gave them both some good work. You give the coaches too much credit for knowing that he will “put up good numbers”.

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