Rams thinking new unis and throwbacks soon


Rams fans will get to relive their glory days this year, when the team wears its 1999 throwback uniforms against the Buccaneers and Titans, a nod to the path to a Super Bowl title that year.

But in the near future, the Rams expect to have a new set of throwbacks, and a new look for their other games.

Rams executive Kevin Demoff told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a change in styles was coming.

“I think at some time in the next five years, you’ll see a complete uniform — throwback and current uniform” — change, Demoff said. “I’d be surprised if we didn’t have it. . . .

“Like everything else, you’re trying to elicit emotion from your fans, and our uniform colors seem to do that on a daily basis. There’s not a day that goes by that there’s not a uniform question or comment on the Internet.”

The team is locked into its current uniform for the 2014 season, but Demoff indicated that they could change both the regular uniform and the throwback for the 2015 or 2016 season.

“I think the blue-and-white is a great traditional, classic look for our club,” Demoff said. “I like our current throwbacks. I like our current uniform. They all have a meaning in time. We’ve talked about long-term doing a uniform re-design, looking back at the throwbacks we’re using now, or the blue-and-white, or a different hybrid. Or maybe something new and completely different.”

Demoff even suggested the possibility of a red and black throwback, from the 1937 Cleveland Rams. While the idea of the Rams in anything other than blue seems odd, they at least have the comfort of knowing they can’t possibly look worse than the Steelers’ bumblebee unis.

22 responses to “Rams thinking new unis and throwbacks soon

  1. I’m not going to lie, I love both the blue and yellow throwbacks and the current blue and gold scheme. Blues and yellows just look good together. I’m an Ohio State fan but I have to admit that I think Michigan uniforms and clothing look fantastic with that color scheme.

  2. Do you “NFL must have a team in LA” clowns realize that in terms of LA ever getting another NFL team you are the butt of constant jokes around the country?

    No need to go into the litany of cons here but the far, far, far out weigh the pros for a team move much less expansion into that area. it will never happen in todays economic environment.

  3. With the exception of modern safety requirements, if you change a “throwback” uniform it is no longer a throwback (nod to team’s history or tradition). It’s new.

  4. all these teams that switch their unis every 4-5 years are pathetic, they know theyre gonna suck so they have to get money somehow

  5. Lol @ all the stupid La Comments. Ram fans have been clamoring for the ’99 uni’s for a long time and recently asked Demoff about it at the last chat he held for Fans.

    Love all the desperate LA trolling

  6. I was actually a fan of the move from yellow to gold a few years back…that is, when they actually use the gold pants instead of white or the all blue monochrome look…

    having said that, ,their classic blue/yellow look is very unique and I wouldn’t mind seeing them going back to that full-time with the old Deacon Jones blue/white look for the throwback…

  7. Honestly, I just don’t get the appeal of the Blue & Whites. I’d much rather see the old yellow jerseys from the 50s again. Blue trim, white or “natural” colored pants. It’s a good, traditional look and as far as I know, no other team has used yellow as its primary uniform color.

  8. all I know is, I LOVED the 99 uniforms. LOVED. I thought they looked so freaking cool. they are semi ugly, but in a really good way. the new uniforms are absolutely awful. I don’t know what the thought process was there, but they just look….depressed. I have a hard time getting excited about anything the rams do because of those awful uniforms. bring back the 99 look!

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