Rex Ryan: Geno’s ankle led to Sanchez starting


Rex Ryan didn’t surprise anyone by naming Mark Sanchez to start Saturday’s second preseason game.

But the Jets coach said in a conference call with reporters that rookie Geno Smith’s ankle sprain was a factor, adding “and Mark has practiced well.”

Ryan was not prepared to say whether Smith would be able to play because of the ankle that hasn’t kept him from practicing, but might have contributed to a “brutal” practice yesterday. Ryan said Smith was on an exercise bike today while other players were going through a conditioning workout.

As to whether Smith should have been practicing at all, Ryan said trainers signed off on the work, and they opted to let Smith work because they’re installing the offense.

Ryan also pointed out that the “competition is not complete,” giving himself an out if Sanchez continues to struggle.

It seems apparent that Ryan would prefer sticking with Sanchez, as long as Sanchez gives him that option. And protecting Smith now, while he’s obviously not 100 percent physically, gives them the opportunity to make a switch later if they need to, without losing face.

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  1. And here everyone was complaining there were a lot of “Eagles QB competition” articles in the last post about Brady’s knee….

  2. Since the football media revolves around TB’s knee and the Jets Qbs recently ( 😀 ), I expected to see a report on Smith’s interview on Sportscenter but I dont think there’s been one. I thought it was fantastic the way Geno answered Anderson’s question about which criticism of him (and she got specific with amount and actual details) bothered him the most. He said none, because none of it is true.

    One thing Jets fans can hang their hat on is that for the most part, their Qbs have handled this whole thing pretty darn well.

  3. Has nothing to do with the tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey. NOTHING!

    Typical Ryan family,…..good coordinators, terrible head coaches.

  4. captainwisdom

    Not only a rookie QB, a second round, third pick by the team, rookie.

    This isn’t a bold prediction, but I’m predicting this Jets team follows the 2010 Panthers playbook. Draft an overrated QB that for some reason was tauted as a high draft pick yet fell to a later round, go into the season with more question marks than answers, have a coach that knows he’s going to be fired but pretends like he’s not, and finally, next April (or May if that’s happening) draft a QB with the first overall pick even though all the preseason and early draft predictions say that the best player in the draft is a ‘once in a generation’ ‘next Reggie White’ Defensive Lineman.

  5. It’s odd the way Rex Ryan is so personally invested in “his guy” Mark Sanchez, to the point that he is willing to lose games as well as his head coaching position because of it.

    The fact that the whole team was allowed to sink with the Sanchez ship is mind-boggling.

    He preferred that option to at least attempting to play Tebow or McElroy, because if either of them showed more ability or scored a touchdown or (God forbid) won a game with Sanchez out, then it mean he failed when he drafted him.

    It’s one thing to support a struggling player, but it can’t come at the expense of the rest of the team.

  6. 69finfan says:Aug 15, 2013 4:36 PM

    Maybe some “Hot Sauce” would help.
    Says a fan of a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since 2000.
    Good thing your team is going to the SB this year because you got Wallace.
    At a $30MM guarantee!

  7. I thought the whole mantra this season was “compitition”? The position is up for grabs and we see that Sanchez is out playing Geno.

    Whats the problem here? Isn’t the job supposed to go to whoever is playing better?

    Why are you going to start someone who is playing worse? Why would you throw Geno to the wolves like that?

    There is no punchline here folks, just logic. The hate is so strong against the Jets, it’s like you guys don’t even think about what you’re saying.

  8. Geez I’m so tired of Rex Ryan. Lifelong jet fan. I have no confidence in Sanchez. Everyone give Smith a break, he’s a rookie learning everyday. One day Sanche will be gone…..

  9. Dolphin fan here. I hate the jets, but yes jets fans I still read about them. Not because I want to see them look bad. I like reading about the competition. (And Irjets funny comments too). But the constant obsession with Sanchez is getting old. Time for a new subject.

  10. Every time I see that pic of Rex, I can recognize the Tim Tebow influence. Of course, you can’t hardly blame the guy for seeking divine intervention.

  11. cwk22 says:

    i’d like to cast my vote for a new ‘thumbs up’ that would be a ‘way up’ or ‘double up’.
    add that to my previous request for a ‘huh?’

  12. And protecting Smith now, while he’s obviously not 100 percent physically, gives them the opportunity to make a switch later if they need to, without losing face.


    Okay, but what about the switch that should have been made last year?

  13. cwk…I agree with your assessment.

    Also, the Jets haters here STILL think jokes about Rex, Tebow, Sanchez and the circus are still funny.

    When Rex is gone, all the aura of these present Jets will leave too.

    Then what? They’ll read a book? I doubt it.

  14. “When Rex is gone, all the aura of these present Jets will leave too.”

    Sorry, but the “butt fumble” will live on in infamy.

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