Sanchez anticipates a quarterback decision “soon”

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Like several other teams, the Jets haven’t named a starting quarterback for Week One.  Unlike other teams without a starting quarterback, the Jets have a large and aggressive local media constantly covering the issue.

On Monday, the two contenders had yet another chance to answer questions about a competition that, in the opinion of the incumbent, may not last much longer.

“I think we’re coming down the stretch here, so I’m sure a decision will be made here soon,” Mark Sanchez said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “Other than that, I don’t know.”

Sanchez does know that, in his opinion, he’s “definitely” had the best training camp of his career.  But he says he’s not bothered by his uncertain status.

“I don’t care,” Sanchez said.  “I really don’t.  I’ve competed my whole life and I’m ready to play.”

The other contender, Geno Smith, remains optimistic that he can win the job despite missing the second preseason game due to a sprained ankle.

“I just have to go out there and execute,” Smith said, “do what I’m told, do what I’m coached to do, go out there [and] run the plays to the best of my ability, make sound reads, be good with my footwork [and] just prove to the coaches and teammates that, hey, I belong here.”

Smith, who said his ankle is feeling much better, said he doesn’t believe that the decision rides on the outcome of the third preseason game.

“No, I don’t think so,” Smith said.  “Not one game.  They’ve been evaluating me since I’ve been here and I don’t think one or two games will be able to tell you exactly where I am because it’s still early in my career.  It’s about learning and I have a lot of learning to do, so every single rep that I get is going to be vital for my success in the future.  [Marty Mornhinweg is] going to evaluate me and he has been doing so already every single day in practice and it’s only going to get better for me because I get to become more comfortable and just get more snaps in the game in live action and that helps out a lot.”

It’s looking like Smith will indeed get a chance to prove in the third preseason game that he should start the regular-season opener.  While he declined to apply a percentage to his health, he said he could play if the game were tomorrow.

Soon enough, we’ll find out if the team’s presumed quarterback of tomorrow ends up being the starter of today.

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  1. I do not think that Rex has the balls to start Geno. If Woody wanted Smith to start it would be done. Sanchez, even in preseason has made the same mistakes that Jet fans loath…red zone turnover.
    I say cut the damn cord, move on to the next chapter and if the defense can bear any semblance to what it was when Sanchez was a rookie, they can be competitive and maybe go 9-7 8-8. Sanchez is an experienced playoff backup and if Smith STINKS out the Meadowlands, put Sanchez back in.

  2. Sanchez will start week one. Geno will start week two. McElroy will start week three. What a mess.

  3. Sanchez seems to be a much improved QB compared to last season. Problem is: That’s still bad. Pretty bad.

  4. Unlike other teams without a starting quarterback, the Jets have a large and aggressive local media constantly covering the issue.


    Uh……………what about the 215?

  5. It doesn’t really matter who starts, the Jets aren’t good. No #1 or #2 receivers, one average pass catching TE, an unproven RB corps, and a suspect offensive line. I know the sexy story is “Mark Sanchez is a butt fumbling awful QB”. But really, what do you think would happen if you dropped any of the other 31 starters in the league onto the Jets? Do they magically become Super Bowl contenders? Probably not, so devoting any ink to who’s going to be the starter is like reporting about a lost cat while the town is burning down.

  6. If Smith can win the competition they should start him. Why not start the best QB? If he can’t then just let him develop for a while until he’s better than Sanchez (which will be this year) and let Sanchez be the scapegoat in the mean time.

  7. As frustrated as Sanchez makes everyone, I think he has to start week 1. And bring in Geno around Week 7-8.

    What happens if you put in Geno week 1 and the next three games are horrible? What are you going to do, put Sanchez back in? That looks terrible.

    Start with Sanchez, end with Geno.

  8. I just don’t get why Sanchez still tries to force issues that aren’t there like he’s playing Madden. Maybe he does play too much Madden? I mean Sanchez can make good throws and has shown signs of extreme accuracy and with good zip on the ball but then he does something extremely stupid like try to fit a ball into triple coverage, or try to make a throw when the pocket has collapsed and he’s ten steps behind with a guy in his face and another in the lane he’s trying to throw too, throw across his body, etc. etc.

    It just puzzles me. Especially when throwing across the body as only big bodied strong QBs can successfully pull that off. Your Big Bens, McNabb who made a career out of that, and so on.

  9. It’s a durned if you do, durned if you don’t situation.

    A)If you start Sanchez and he does even the least bit well, then the Jets are gonna be stuck with him and an even bigger payday next year.

    B)If you start Smith and he sucks, and you have to turn back to Sanchez then see A.

  10. Rexy will choose the starting QB whose footwork passes the smell and taste test. Both will need to be on their toes and put their best foot forward in practice and the final two preseason games. Coach Ryan is very straightforward. He knows what he likes. The starter will have to stand on his best assets.

  11. Does not make 1 bit of difference.

    Neither can play…just w/Smith you haven’t seen his worst yet…well, umm, guess that’s the same w/Sanchez.

    Neither is a franchise QB, and neither plays for a team who will win more than 3-4 games..if any.

    Think they’ll hire Josh McDaniels next year?????…Lol, they wish, but no way he’d go to that nuthouse.

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans!!!! At this pace 100 sounds realistic…what a circus.

  12. I’ve got to be honest: Don’t know who would even want the job. No. 1 receiver: Braylon Edwards? Seriously?

  13. “I don’t care,” Sanchez said. ”I really don’t….”

    I believe this says it all.

  14. well, how about mcelroy is the starter?
    we’ve seen how good sanchez can be. geno? perhaps, but at the moment, mcelroy is solid starter for me.

  15. What is with the fumanchu-mustache ? Is Sanchez trying to reincarnate his inner Joe Willie circa 1969?

    Sanchez, Geno whatever in 2013. Idzik’s decision is going to be Clowney or Bridgewater?

    Is it time to start polling Jets fans as we approach 45?

  16. “I don’t care,” Sanchez said. ”I really don’t.

    Which is why Sanchez will never be a success story in the NFL or anything else.

  17. youarejealousof6rings says:Aug 19, 2013 5:37 PM

    Sanchez will start week one. Geno will start week two. McElroy will start week three. What a mess.

    Agreed, unlike the Steelers.

  18. @ampats….

    Why do you devote so much time and energy on the Jets? No one in NY cared for the 86 years that the Bosox didn’t win a World Series.

    Yes…the Jets are a mess, but they won a playoff game more recently than your Patriots.

    Jets-Pats all time head-to-head record including the Brady years.

    51-55-1 Ain’t too bad for all your yapping.

  19. olcap says:Aug 19, 2013 5:34 PM

    Uh oh, I wonder if Rex and Sanchez went out last night, got drunk and both got tattoos?

    I can arrive at only one conclusion why you “wonder”.

    Am I right?

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