Von Miller: The crazy thing is, I haven’t heard anything from the NFL

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Broncos linebacker Von Miller says he doesn’t know any of the details of the impending suspension he is reportedly facing, and he finds it odd that he’s learning more through the media than he is from the league.

Miller spoke with reporters at Broncos practice on Tuesday and indicated that he doesn’t know any more than they do.

“I’m hoping for speedy, fair resolution,” Miller said. “I’ve heard reports about everything that’s going on, but I haven’t heard anything. That’s the crazy thing about it. I haven’t heard anything — haven’t heard anything from the NFL.”

Miller should expect to hear something soon. He should expect to hear that he is suspended for the start of the season.

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  1. I was on this guys case as bad as anyone, but in light of the new information leaking out I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until all the facts are known.

  2. He shouldn’t hope for a ‘fair resoltution’, because that
    would mean a h–l of a lot more games suspended than reportedly he is facing. He should know better to begin with, but he also had the benefit of seeing what would happen courtesy of DJ Williams.

  3. You have to admit, the whole policy is a joke. It’s supposed to be confidential, yet all you hear is rumor and innuendo and these guys get drug through the mud. I have to admit, I’m a Bronco fan and if Miller got busted so be it. Give him his suspension and be done with it. But the NFL lets info leak (along with urine samples apparently) and drags their feet all the while everyone calls him a cheater and put out false rumors. Everyone has even said that he wasn’t using PED’s, but yet in the court of public opinion he is now a cheater. They need a better system.

  4. You are most defintely a liar and/or cheater with a failed test, you aren’t innocent getting off on technicalities – ask Ryan Braun.

  5. Who is the leak? I mean, doesn’t HIPAA have anything against the blantant disregard of his personal information or does that not matter on a urinalysis? There is no proof out there yet that he did anything, but there have been people who have spoken to the media about details that should not be known to anybody but the player and league higher ups and of course the lowly paid tester (how much would you expect to get paid to collect pee?)

    However, Mr. Judge/Jury/Executioner isn’t going to budge or say that there was any misconduct or wrong doing by the collector or his staff. Why? Because he knows. How? He doesn’t know, but he’s not going to tell us. What a joke that guy is. They need a better system

  6. Von Miller hasn’t heard anything from the NFL?

    Well Von, first, Denver has a history of losing faxes, check with Elvis on that one.

    Also a large part of the front office were arrested on DUIs recently, so maybe they were out drinking.

    Have your agent contact the NFL headquartes directly, skip the MILE High people….

  7. Von is a good guy. His transgressions are those of an immature kid. He’s not out murdering or beating women.

    That being said, no one wins in the NFL with a bunch of choir boys.

    I support you Von. Serve your time and come ready to eat greedy.

  8. Doesn’t anyone find it troubling that all these suspensions, which are supposed to be entirely confidential until the process, including the appeal, is completed routinely get leaked to the media?

  9. I love how people say he’s dumb he failed a drug test.

    Ever see the movie limitless? What would you to keep your job? How about if your job paid you millions at that job? What mistakes did you make in your early 20’s?

    Maybe in your 30’s you got it figured out..like most in the media people don’t get it figured out until their 30’s these are kids with millions and a ton of people who know what’s best for them. Agents, peers and the worse is family….

    Don’t sit there and say you wouldn’t until your put in the situation. It’s easy to sit back and talk about it

  10. The NFL was too busy laughing at the stupidity of Von Miller. You’d think a teammate of DJ Williams would learn his lesson not to try something so stupid as to mess with a drug test. That Miller would even try to appeal the test or negotiate the 6 games made it even more galling and laughable.

  11. Aaron Rodgers was smart to keep quiet on this one and not bet next year’s salary that he would test clean….

  12. pongonfl says:
    Aug 20, 2013 6:52 PM
    guy gets fined 6 game checks for smoking a joint, amazing.
    What’s amazing is how ignorant you are.

  13. The crazy thing is….you’re now suspended for 6 games for being an idiot and you got what you deserved.

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