Yates to serve as No. 2 in Texans third preseason game

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The biggest quarterback competition for a non-starting quarterback position is happening in Houston, where second-year third-stringer Case Keenum is trying to pass third-year second-stringer T.J. Yates.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Friday that Yates will be the quarterback off the bench when the Texans host the Saints on Sunday.

“T.J. will go second in this game,” Kubiak said.  “What I hope to do is, when Matt [Schaub] does leave the game, whatever is left, I hope to split the time.  But T.J. will be the second guy to go.”

The decision apparently doesn’t mean that Yates, who led the Texans to the first playoff win in franchise history, has won the job.

“T.J. did it the first week and then Case will probably start the game next Thursday depending on how we come out of this,” Kubiak said.  “I just think it’s important that we look at equal reps and that’s what we’re doing.  They’ve almost got equal throws.  They’ve almost got equal plays.  That’s what we want to be able to do.”

In the end, it’s a good problem for the Texans to have, assuming that Kubiak plans to carry three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

9 responses to “Yates to serve as No. 2 in Texans third preseason game

  1. Yates CAN’T get cut!!!! He won a playoff game two years ago!!!!! He’s a GOOD GUY and a HARD WORKER!!!!! He should make the team and he should START because he WON A PLAYOFF GAME two years ago!!! They are just holding him down because they don’t agree with his politics.

    Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

  2. If Kubiak tries to slide Keenum on to the Practice Squad, you fans of teams that need a mobile QB should lobby your teams to snap him up. Watch Sunday or against Dallas the next week and see if you don’t agree.

  3. Yates is awful. The team he won a playoff game with was awesome. Cassell won 11 games when Brady went down. Same thing.

    Unfortunately Kubes is not a great coach so will squander this situation.

  4. Despite the hate, if Schaub goes down we’re screwed any way, so I don’t understand why this is still a story.

    And despite the obvious Cougar High homerism, Case will slide thru waivers and be on the PS. Can’t think of a lot of teams that want/need a 5’10, 8 year veteran of lower level college football. Spots on the final 53 are too valuable.

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