Geno does an Orlovsky impression, Sanchez fumbles a snap

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On his final play as the Jets’ quarterback in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Giants, Geno Smith paid tribute to Dan Orlovsky.

With the Jets at their own 1-yard line, Smith dropped back to pass, rolled out and stepped over the end line for a safety, in a move reminiscent of Orlovsky’s boneheaded play in 2008.

That was the last play of the night for Smith, who started and played into the fourth quarter. Once Smith left he was replaced by Mark Sanchez, whose first drive ended when he fumbled a snap and the Giants recovered. The shotgun snap was good, but Sanchez simply failed to catch it.

Given tonight’s performance, it’s tough to say who deserves to win the Jets’ quarterback competition. Actually, it’s easy to say: Neither Smith nor Sanchez looks good enough to start in the NFL. Unfortunately, the Jets don’t have any other options.

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  1. I would cry myself to sleep if I were a Jets fan…

    and or move to the other side of the world.

  2. Should have saved that second round pick, used it to draft a solid running back or lineman and picked up Vince Young…

    But they didn’t and now the Geno experiment will go down as a HORRIBLE pick for John Idzik and Giants fans will laugh and Jets fans will cry.

    Jets worst team in the NFL 2013, enter Jadaveon Clowney for four years and then Woody Johnson will refuse to pay him like he did Revis and he will elsewhere bahahaha

  3. I never understood why they even took geno

    I mean really, Im pretty sure we ALL knew the jets roster talent was lacking, and that ryan, who was losing power, had 1 year left before he was fired. why use that 2nd rd pick on a qb likely to be replaced by the new HC’s QB anyway?

  4. I’m not trying to be mean, but I tried saying this after the draft. Geno Smith is NOT NFL ready. He isn’t even an upgrade over Sanchez. ..who is horrible. I feel bad for Jets fans here. Their beloved franchise is in the hands of a group of buffoons.

  5. LMAO they should trade for Tebow cuz there’s no way he would win less games as starting QB than Sanchez or Smith this year!

  6. So this is what’s gonna happen and only the jets could screw this up. They are gonna finish 32nd and get the 1st overall pick. They will fire Rex hire an offensive minded coach who will want to get a new qb, so instead of drafting maybe the best defensive prospect in the last 10-15 they will be in such bad shape at qb they will have to draft a qb with the 1 pick and let a once in a lifetime player walk to another team probably Oakland lol. Only the jets could screw up this bad. And really it’s all because Rex could care less about the offense. Just as long as his D is playing ok and they are ok at best.

  7. Know what! Usually I would make fun of something like this but seriously I feel bad for Jets fans! Just like any other team all they want is a chance for their team to try hard and do the best they can and give them something to cheer for and be happy about, but I think their is going to be a lot of upset and angry Jets fans this year! Rex needs to go and they need to start over fresh and rebuild this team! They have been getting made fun of so much these last couple years that I would like to see them have a decent year so their fans have something to cheer and be happy about! HAHAHAHA! Just joking! I hope you guys don’t ever win another game ever again! GL this season though! lol

  8. I don’t know what New England did to deserve the immense glory of having the twilight of the Tom Brady era dovetail with the dawn of the worst era in Jets history, but man, is it awesome.

  9. Geno Smith is not, and never will be an NFL QB. We’ve seen plenty of these college “system QBs”. Chang, Keanum, Kingsbury. Sadly, Sanchez is the best QB on that roster.

  10. Anyone still wondering why the Ravens didn’t make Rex Ryan their head coach awhile back?

  11. What about Simms? I know it was against 2nd and 3rd teamers, but he looked like he had a pretty good arm.

    Only reason most people make such fun of this pathetic franchise is because of how obnoxious they were a couple years ago with all the bragging by players and coach alike. Teams like the Giants and NE that have actually WON something remain humble and go about their business, but the jests have to talk about how good they are. Heck, even write a book about it (wonder how those book sales are going right about now).

  12. Start Matt Simms!!! Matt Simms showed guts & heart last night that Geno Smith certainly didn’t!! His TD pass was the best pass by a QB in a green & white uniform all night.

  13. The Jets better hurry before the Bills sign and lockup Hollywood Matt Leinart away from them. If Leinart is no longer available, then the Jets can turn to JaMarcus Russell to be their savior and media whipping boy.

    If all else fails, the Jest certainly can trade with the Bengals for Fordham favorite and steady playing John Skelton who still might win the Bengals backup or may be cut in favor of turn-over prone Josh Johnson who can run the read option.

    The Jets really can’t wait for the 49ers to decide which ones of the 5 QBs on their roster they will jettison when they make their next roster cuts.

  14. Now when I hear the stories that Geno may have had a horrible practice I clearly understand, Geno made more completions to the defense than the offense.

    Me thinks the boy can’t read defenses and will have irreparable interception phobitus. I see him handing the ball off a lot and passing short 5 yard dink passes only.

    Defenses will have the Jets figured out by game three and then it lose city for them.

  15. There are other options…get someone waivers when it hits…maybe you might fight a diamond in the rough!

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