Chuck Pagano: Andrew Luck’s done great, but he’s running too much

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck continued a strong preseason on Saturday with 164 yards and two touchdowns against the Browns, raising expectations that his sophomore season will be at least as good as his excellent rookie campaign.

The old saying goes that nobody’s perfect, however, and that’s true of Luck as well. He admitted after running four times for 20 yards during the game that he doesn’t know how to slide well at the end of a run, which opens up the door for a possible injury. That possibility is the sort of thing that worries coach Chuck Pagano, so he’d like to see his quarterback doing more throwing and less running even if he’s able to see the upside of Luck’s ability to make plays with his feet when the pressure is on.

“The only thing is, he’s running way too much. I know that,” Pagano said while also praising Luck’s command of the offense, via Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “We’ve got to do a better job of keeping him clear. But that’s another dimension that people have got to contend, the ability to extend plays and create.”

Left tackle Anthony Castonzo left early with a sprained knee on Saturday and any extended absence there would make it harder to keep Luck, who was sacked once against the Browns and once in the first two preseason games after going down 41 times last year, clear of trouble in the pocket. The Colts signed tackle Gosder Cherlius and guard Donald Thomas in hopes of better protecting Luck and the departure of Bruce Arians as offensive coordinator should leave Luck exposed a little less often, but Pagano’s words make it clear that it’s a work in progress.

While they’re working at it, it might be worth getting Luck some remedial sliding work as well.

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  1. Chuck is right on with those remarks.Luck is one excellent quarterback.His ability to quickly find an open receiver and deliver the football on target is outstanding.He needs to save his running ability for when it matters on big third downs and near the endzone.

  2. i love the fact the he runs when he needs to. he’s a hard guy to bring down and he makes alot of plays with his legs which is something severely underrated in his game. but chucks right. he needs to protect himself better. learn to slide 12!

  3. Strangely enough, Peyton’s injury may have been one of the better timed injuries an organization could have ever had.

  4. Luck is the real deal, he only runs when its needed, and at 6’4″ 245 , hes not the easiest to bring down, i agree, peytons untimely injury has been a blessing for my colts, to go from PM18 to AL12 with just one down year is remarkable for any franchise, and without having to give up 3 #1 picks, and Luck is fully healthy all the time, the kids a player and a gamer!!!

  5. Colts have had issues protecting the blind side since 2007: The year Tarik Glenn retired. One of the most underrated left tackles in modern day NFL history.

  6. In this day and age, you always hold your breath when your QB takes off. If he learns to slide having a QB with his size and speed, he could be an “effective” runner that is capable of keeping a drive alive without getting killed.

  7. I agree Peyton’s injury along with the Colts tanking the 2011 season was genius, too bad the League was so busy slamming the Saints w/bountygate to notice….

  8. I never understood how these QB’s couldn’t learn to slide. I remember watching the Pack-Seahawks game the other night and I believe the first play of the game Wilson broke out the pocket for a first down and slid as the defenders were approaching. I know he has a baseball backround but still, it’s not that difficult.

  9. tanking??? child please!!!! our QBs were kerry collins and curtis painter, wasnt tanking, our qb’s blew!!!

  10. Dude is super Lucky. I mean, so many dropped int’s. Did you see that TD he threw last week. Right into the defenders chest, bounces off and ends up a TD! Andrew Lucky.

  11. I have no respect for the Colts err Dolts…

    They’re the biggest cheating or in the NFL, If Goodell had any guts he’d investigate there 2011 season, it stinks of fraud…. just like they do.

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