Jets announce Sanchez won’t play this week

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We still don’t know exactly how serious Mark Sanchez’s shoulder injury is.

But we now know he’s going to miss some time.

The Jets announced their incumbent quarterback was not going to play in Thursday’s preseason finale, and was considered “day-to-day.”

That’s better than “week-to-week” or “indefinitely,” and it at least gives them more time to polish up Geno Smith.

Or look at guys such as John Beck, now that Matt Leinart’s off to Buffalo.

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  1. Lets see how Geno Smith plays with a second start, his status in my mind is he’s a raw rookie who needs to polish his game as of right now but he could prove me wrong. But if Geno Smith has a lousy game I’m praying McElroy shows he’s the next man up.

    PS: wishing mark sanchez a good recovery as well

  2. Any chance Rex sent him in to take a fall on purpose? Avoid the controversy, avoid playing him in game 4 and go into week 1 with a question mark at QB?

    I could see that from Rex and Sanchez.

  3. “Damn, now I have no starter for my fantasy team!”
    – Your girlfriends clueless cousin who’s in your Fantasy League for family reasons

  4. I am soooo glad we play the Jets the first week… Its like having another warm up game before we play the real teams…

  5. It won’t make a difference one way or the other. Sanchez is basically a backup quarterback masquerading as a starter. As far as I’m concerned, of the four quarterbacks on that roster he’s of the least value to the Jets. I think the other three can out pass him, out run him, and most of all out think him. I just hope the Jets give Matt Simms a good look next week, this kid seems to have a strong arm, and a lot of poise.

  6. That’s better than “week-to-week” or “indefinitely,” and it at least gives them more time to polish up Geno Smith.

    From what I’ve seen so far, they will need a lot of polish…but it’s not like Sanchez has shined either.

  7. I think Rex should lose his job over this. He made a big mistake by putting Sanchez in the game late in the fourth. As a head coach you need to look out for the welfare of your players and that is not what he did in this case. I think most all the veterans in the locker room realize that their head coach does not have their best interest in mind if there is pressure from the front office (which is pretty common).

    When the coach and front office don’t see eye to eye this is what you get.

  8. The Eagles still haven’t cut any of their 5 QBs, so I have to think that not only will Vick not play, Foles probably won’t either. So Barkley probably starts, with Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne in the 2nd half hoping that some team, perhaps the Jets, will notice them.

  9. mylionsroaring says:
    Aug 25, 2013 6:33 PM
    I think Rex should lose his job over this.
    I think Rex should get an 3 year extension.
    Imagine a Monday morning paper without reporting a Sanchez fumble?

  10. Off topic, but is anyone else surprised the Pats havent cut Tebow yet? We know they’re going to. From what we’ve seen, he has not improved one bit and there is no way he makes the roster. The Pats arent going to keep 3 QB’s. Im shocked they havent cut him yet. I expect that to happen soon though.

  11. I hope Sanchez faked this injury as revenge for the fraud style QB competition. Instead of being a punching bag cushion for the start of the season, I think Mark would rather Geno get exposed early only to be summoned as the savior for the second half of the season.

    Maybe I’m just thinking to much into it

  12. tellemallrex says:
    Aug 25, 2013 6:14 PM
    It is not easy being a fan of this “organization”
    It’s going to become increasingly difficult as the year for the Jets drags on.

  13. Fortunately the Jets have receivers with ‘elite’ skills. Guys like Braylon ‘Hands of Stone’ Edwards, Kellen ‘I am a soldier’ Winslow, and Mo ‘I have no Mass’ Massoquoi. So it really doesn’t matter who’s throwing , because these guys suck!

  14. The finest disorganization in the NFL! I’ve said it countless times I’ll say it again. I don’t know why/how long their fans will put up with this.

  15. Wait, why don’t you bring Tebow back when he gets cut next week? You’ll get great Patriot intelligence…

  16. Geez where do I start. Hmmm first off starting players done play wk 4 preseason. No news there Jets! Please give Gino a break. He’s a rookie. When buttfumble was a rookie he had a good team around him. I’m rooting for you Gino! Lastly Rex must go. Do it now please. Our seasons done. C’mon John do what’s right…

  17. I have a feeling if Tebow were still on the team that Rex would rather suit up himself and play QB rather than play Tebow in even a meaningless exhibition game. I still don’t understand why the Jets just embarrassed Tebow all year long by letting him rot on the bench. Even he’s better than what they’re dealing with right now.

  18. Rex will be under less stress next year when he’s the D coordinator for Jacksonville.

  19. In order to try to make the first game competitive, Goodell has ordered the Bucs not to play Revis.

  20. andyreidisabeachedwalrus says:

    Rex will be under less stress next year when he’s the D coordinator for Jacksonville.

    I didn’t realize the high school teams in Florida had multiple coaches………

  21. Jets fans are confident that Sanchez will be healthy in time for the playoffs.

    In the meantime they might as well take Tebow back

    They’re paying his salary anyways – might as well get some use out of him.

  22. Jets should go into season with their 3 roster QB’s. Geno proved he’s better than an injury prone Sanchez headband. Time to erase an error.

  23. newdolphinslogo says:Aug 25, 2013 8:18 PM

    What will be the greater number …

    Bills/Jets combined wins or Dolphins victories?

    Is it arrogance or stupidity??
    You blew all of your monies, and your team is still carrying a blemish of not a playoff win since Clinton was president.
    Put that in your Coppertone!!

  24. To those Jets haters:

    Why don’t you put on your big boy pants when you post your hatred and name your team at the end of your post??

    Thought so!

  25. haha quincy carter. If I could pick 3 QB’s that Geno reminds me the most of——

    he is this mix of quincy carter, aaron brooks and on his best day: Vince Young

  26. Enjoy the one lucky ring the planes won in 69. The closest the planes will get to a ring is the 3 ring circus that is going on now. Rex “ringmaster” Ryan is the perfect clown to run this circus. I hope Rex stays around for years. For the only reason to amuse me!!

  27. If I were a back up QB, I would sue the league for letting me play with 2nd stringers and putting my health in danger.

    Simms didn’t get hurt with the 2nd stringers. Oh, and if u watch the hits Geno took in the 1st 3 quarters, Geno should have been injured too.

    Get off of Rex back.

  28. harry1941 says:
    Aug 25, 2013 10:13 PM

    The circus will be in Miami, NE and the Bills.

    Jets all the way
    Dude. Thanks for the laugh. I almost spit out my coffee laughing when I read this post.

    But seriously, I doubt all three of those teams combined will have as many losses as the jests.

  29. I guess things must REALLY be bad in Jets land seeing …

    Tampa fans
    Browns fans
    Lions fans

    …jumping on the pile! Thanks for chiming in trolls now go back to your horrible football teams websites please and continue to be losers!

    PS – as bad as things are, Jets still beat the Bucs in 2 weeks lay the house on THAT.

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