Panthers bring back Travelle Wharton

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There are certain moves that make too much sense to not happen, eventually.

The Panthers, desperate for offensive line help, brought back one of their most trusted blockers of the last decade, announcing that they signed Travelle Wharton.

Wharton has 99 career starts at guard and tackle, most of them with the Panthers. The Bengals cut him in the preseason for salary cap savings, after he spent last year on IR with a knee injury. He visited the Panthers early in the process, but didn’t have to go through training camp this way.

The Panthers need upgrades on the right side of their offensive line, though most of Wharton’s experience is on the left. But his return home (he was a 2004 third-rounder of the Panthers) will be a significant step for an offense that looked stagnant last week.

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  1. There is some validity to the above post, but it’s not necessarily the HC. I would first look at Matsko, the OL position coach. To me he’s doing a very poor job of coaching them up and there’s ZERO player development going on.

  2. qdog112:

    I dont think Matsko is the problem, he’s got a pretty impressive resume. 22 years in the league, 1 superbowl win with the rams and 1 loss, couple afc championship games with the ravens. Players he’s coached: Tony Boseli, Willie Roaf, Orlando Pace, Marshall Yanda to name a few. I want this guy to stay.

    Half the lineman are either hurt or cant play. Whats he supposed to do? Cutting veteran coaches wont help. In fact hiring dorsey was a huge mistake, he’s never coached why the heck wouldnt they hire a guy with experience?

  3. @whenimrightimright Ken Dorsey was helping Chris Weinke with Cam’s post-draft development while the lockout was in effect. I’d say the end result with Cam winning Offensive Rookie of the Year honors would be a reflection that Dorsey knows what the hell he’s doing from a coaching standpoint.

  4. cardiaccatsbackin2013:

    If throwing the ball around with Cam during the summer makes you a good coach we are all in trouble. Was Ken there teaching him the plays? Was he in his ear telling him which reads to throw to in camp? Such an ignorant statement. The guy has No NFL experience as a coach. NFL coaching experience doesn’t include working out with a guy in the offseason. Cam’s raw talent got him the rookie of the year. Not some career backup he worked out with.

  5. @whenimrightimright – Where did Ken Dorsey play in his NFL career? Who was his offensive coordinator? The answers are “Cleveland” and “Chudzinski” … Since Dorsey was familiar with the terminology of Chud’s offense, don’t you think Cam benefitted from that head start? Who’s the ignorant one now? The answer is “You” …

  6. This excerpt is from a Peter King MMQB article back in 2011:

    “There’s a good reason Dorsey and Newton have become workout and classroom partners. In 2001 and 2002, Dorsey, at Miami, was coached by Hurricane offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. In 2007 and 2008, Dorsey, with the Cleveland Browns, was coached by Browns offensive coordinator Chudzinski.

    Newton was able to get a Carolina playbook, with Panthers offensive coordinator Chudzinski’s encyclopedic offense, to take with him during the lockout. Dorsey spent last week instructing Newton in the finer points of the offense, in addition to telling him the expectations and coaching methods of Chudzinski.”

    Ken Dorsey had FOUR YEARS of experience in Chudzinki’s offense dating back to his college days in Miami, where he won a National Championship … educate yourself, please, before addressing me in the future.

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