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Report: Parys Haralson on the trade block


The 49ers are talented on defense, and deep.

They’re now hoping to turn some of that depth into something else.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers are shopping outside linebacker Parys Haralson in trade talks.

Haralson already took a pay cut this offseason, but they apparently want to cut that number even further.

Starters Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks give them an excellent tandem, and between veteran Dan Skuta and rookie Corey Lemonier, they have solid backup options.

The 29-year-old Haralson has 21.5 career sacks, and missed last year after tearing a triceps muscle.

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42 Responses to “Report: Parys Haralson on the trade block”
  1. facetooth says: Aug 26, 2013 3:30 PM

    Parys Haralson? I’d rather trade for Woody Haralson, at least he looks handsome in pads.

  2. lionsblood73 says: Aug 26, 2013 3:31 PM

    The Lions should take a look at him.

  3. ndgarretjax says: Aug 26, 2013 3:32 PM

    wasnt he traded to denver?

  4. mmsierra says: Aug 26, 2013 3:38 PM

    NO ! NO ! NEVER !!
    KEEP Haralson !!
    You may have to trade Skuta
    You’ll get less
    But KEEP Haralson !
    He’s a player

  5. m2karateman says: Aug 26, 2013 3:38 PM

    lionsblood73 says:
    Aug 26, 2013 3:31 PM
    The Lions should take a look at him.


    For what? The Lions have enough depth at DE, and Haralson doesn’t fit the mold at that spot regardless. He isn’t a fit at OLB in the Lions 43 scheme.

    I’d rather get Paris Hilton.

  6. glynners says: Aug 26, 2013 3:41 PM

    Saints makes too much sense for it to happen

  7. jayniner says: Aug 26, 2013 3:42 PM

    He will be a starter on just about any other team….let’s hope they get something good for him.

  8. sdakota says: Aug 26, 2013 3:43 PM

    hard to get value for a 29 year old no one has heard of

  9. aaroncurryisbust says: Aug 26, 2013 3:44 PM

    So “talented” that Seattle still dropped a 40-bomb on them. #Frauds #Pretenders

  10. bcajun says: Aug 26, 2013 3:45 PM


  11. detectivejimmymcnulty says: Aug 26, 2013 3:47 PM

    Anyone else get the feeling aaroncurryisbust and logicalvoice are the same person?

  12. dirtyjersey9er says: Aug 26, 2013 3:47 PM

    So talented that they were able to end Atlanta’s season unlike the Chokehawks. #OneYearWonders

  13. richiesaurus310 says: Aug 26, 2013 3:51 PM


    This is why you’re not an NFL GM.

  14. cadan24 says: Aug 26, 2013 3:52 PM

    good solid player, been a good 49er…like to see him stick around but if we can get something for him guess you gotta do it, someone will be getting a solid player, he has looked good in the preseason coming off the injury

  15. thestillcity says: Aug 26, 2013 3:56 PM

    This article doesn’t highlight his run stopping ability nearly enough. This guy can ‘seal the edge’ as good as anyone in the league, and would be a welcome addition to any defense in need of a DE or OLB.

    The only reason SF doesn’t keep him is because they have zero room for nearly half their draft class. These are brutal roster maneuvers, because they’re all good NFL football players.

  16. grilsteav says: Aug 26, 2013 3:58 PM

    @ aaroncurryisbust
    13-6 in a seaturd loss to the niners where Wilson posted his LOWEST QBR of the season, scored ZERO TD’s and threw one interception.

  17. citynative says: Aug 26, 2013 3:59 PM


    #getajob #youdontneedtopostoneveryninersarticle

  18. braceyourselffor12 says: Aug 26, 2013 4:01 PM

    Parys has been wrecking it this pre season and it would be great to retain him for depth. But if we can get some picks or something decent from a trade then we have to do what’s best for the TEAM.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  19. 49erstim says: Aug 26, 2013 4:02 PM

    @detectivejimmymcnulty…… I’m glad I’m not the only one. The dude has multiple personalities and is a “fan” of about 5 or 6 different teams. His shtick is always the same: weak and pathetic.

  20. allidoiswin55 says: Aug 26, 2013 4:07 PM

    I wonder if the seahawks are doing the same with Cb’s, this dude can ball and their are literally 6 starting caliber cbs on th seahawks.

    Are these ploys to prevent rivals from picking up your players? Seriously does that not make the most sense.

  21. supremekingz says: Aug 26, 2013 4:08 PM

    You guys are morons. There’s more than one reason to trade a player. Parys Haralson is a pretty good OLB. So good in fact, that Aldon Smith was coming off the bench because of him his rookie year.

    P-Town has looked extremely good this offseason, and after asking him to take a pay cut I think they realize that he’s definitely starter material on somebody’s team, just not the 49ers because of Aldon and Brooks. By letting him go to another team, he’ll have one more chance at a big payday since he’s 29 years old and the 49ers can mold Lemonier who’s a rookie. It has the potential to be a win-win for everyone involved

  22. wearethechampsandyourenot says: Aug 26, 2013 4:09 PM

    this guy plays for the team that i beat in the super bowl….bahahahaha!

  23. dalvar1001 says: Aug 26, 2013 4:12 PM

    Keep him. Trying to free dollars for Iputi, Smith and Kap. Going to need the green

  24. sdakota says: Aug 26, 2013 4:13 PM

    to richie saurus, if the guy is so good why did they draft smith no. 1 in 2011 and sign cinc guy in 08. sounds like 49ers gm was not that high on the guy…hmm

  25. txtuff says: Aug 26, 2013 4:18 PM

    Would love to see him in a Texans uniform, they need some help at OLB. Brooks Reed has the most experience and he is only starting his 3rd year!

  26. theimmaculatedeception says: Aug 26, 2013 4:20 PM

    Hawks HAVE NO IDEA how rookie good Corey Lemonier is. He’s scary fast, smart and was drafted for the sole purpose of spying Wilson and his silly scrambling.

    The simple fact is, the 2013 49er draft is so deep and so supreme, it will keep the Niners securely in front of the division rivals for years to come. Carradine and Lattimore aren’t even going to play this year! Muhhahahahahahaha. Keep squawking Seahawks.

    What did you get in the ’13 draft? Oh, wait. You mortgaged your future for Percy! Muhahahahahahaha

  27. dirtyjersey9er says: Aug 26, 2013 4:21 PM

    to answer sdakota Haralson is a decent pass rusher but an excellent run defender. The 9ers saw Aldon as the best value at the pick and would be a boost to the pass rush so they took him to groom to be the starter. Also the old addage “You can never have too many pass rushers” always rings true.

  28. sactown9er916 says: Aug 26, 2013 4:22 PM

    The guy is talented, excellent run stopper with good size but he had a big cap number before the paycut which means it’ll probably be bigger next year if he’s still on the team.
    Just like in madden Franchise Mode… Ya gotta move em

  29. japadacktle49 says: Aug 26, 2013 4:24 PM

    @ that delusional Seatwat homer that posts on every 9er article get a job, a life, a clue. Haralson was on IR for the season last year. I can’t wait when the Seahags lose to Carolina week 1 & the 9ers thump them week 2! #Aaroncurryisbust you are the biggest “Buster”on this site!

  30. therolandobottom says: Aug 26, 2013 4:53 PM

    Are the 9ers interested in Matt Flynn?

  31. texanfan53 says: Aug 26, 2013 5:01 PM

    Texans need help at OLB and we have quite a few things to offer……trade for the man Rick!

  32. alphabeta49er says: Aug 26, 2013 5:02 PM

    Seacawks won a game vs SF last year. That was a nice regular season accomplishment. Still really proud of that one!

  33. sbdt says: Aug 26, 2013 5:10 PM

    Please go to the Saints.

  34. randyschwimmer7 says: Aug 26, 2013 5:10 PM

    I have a feeling Denver may be interested in grabbing him. I think he would be a nice little tool to help compensate for Von while he is out.

  35. flannlv says: Aug 26, 2013 5:21 PM

    Saints will wait until 49ers cut someone.

  36. rt61 says: Aug 26, 2013 6:03 PM

    I doubt they trade him to the Saints because they play the Saints this season. Wouldn’t want to assist an opponent in an area of weakness (lost they’re starting OLB for the year)

  37. unex9885 says: Aug 26, 2013 6:16 PM

    Man, I always trust in Harbaugh but I dont know if Im a fan of this move. The injury bug has been biting us this year so far and its a good thing to have a starting caliber OLB waiting in the wings. why not rotate him and Ahmad… I don’t like trading him.

  38. usg1 says: Aug 26, 2013 6:45 PM

    How is he in coverage? Would love the Eagles to trade for him. We are very thin at OLB since we are moving to a 3-4 defense, and we have the 9ers old director of player personnel in Tom Gamble. Haralson could come right in and start over Cole or Graham….. Whoever the Eagles decide to throw out there, and I imagine would be much better.

  39. norcalsportsknowledge says: Aug 26, 2013 6:50 PM

    I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a fourth rounder, maybe 5th. He looks hungry after missing last year and by trading him the niners wouldn’t be saving any more than getting rid of skuta. I know skuta is more of a ST player, but I see haralyson being a lot more valuable. The Johnson kid looks alright to at olb after not playing last year. Somebody is going to get a good olb from the niners, because they aren’t keeping 10 olb’s.

  40. pop562 says: Aug 26, 2013 8:52 PM

    CamInman just reported that Haralson is traded to the Saints!!!

  41. dirtyjersey9er says: Aug 26, 2013 8:55 PM

    Looking like he was traded to New Orleans.

  42. silentcount says: Aug 26, 2013 10:53 PM

    He grew up as a Saints fan 200 miles from New Orleans. Who Dat!!!

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