Vikings shift Greg Childs to regular season PUP list


Vikings wide receiver Greg Childs said this spring that he wanted to be the kind of guy that made a return from torn patellar tendons in both knees at the same time believable, but his fantasy isn’t ready to become reality just yet.

The Vikings announced Tuesday that Childs has been moved to the reserve PUP list, which means he won’t be able to practice or play with the team until after their first six games of the regular season. Childs has spent all summer on the active PUP list, which is a prerequisite to going on the regular season version of the list as players are not permitted to go on the list once they’ve participated in a practice.

Such players also count against the 90-man roster in the preseason, but they don’t count against the roster once on reserve PUP. As a result, the Vikings are now down to 75 players ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s deadline.

There’s no history of anyone making it back from the double whammy that Childs is trying to overcome, so it is a decidedly uphill climb for the 2012 fourth-round pick more than a year after initially suffering the injury.

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  1. It would be an amazing story if he could come back, but, I just don’t see it happening. He wasn’t even hit on the injury, just went up, came down and tore both up knees. Good luck though, Greg!!!!

  2. I really hope he comes back….loved watching him play for my Hogs. incredibly talented and caught a bad break. I’m rooting for you Greg. #WPS #NeverYield

  3. I doubt he’ll make in back in 2013 but that’s alright, it will give the Vikings a chance to use their 1st rounder on yet another Qb next spring.

    Why work hard to make it back and then have Mr. Noodle Arm floating up ducks.

  4. Seems like a good guy and a very hard worker — this is his chance to remain with the team in some perspective while he heals. From what my kid says, about the only thing negative about the guy is that he tweets more pictures of his food than any person in the history of twitter.

  5. To comeback u actually have to be somewhere first! But I hope he could help my squad someday. But my glass is half empty!

  6. Gary Baxter made it back bro… There is history i think he suffered the injury when he was with the browns…played again for the Ravens

    JOSH ALPER: Baxter never played in another game, he returned to practice. And he played for the Ravens before he played for the Browns.

  7. Greg’s a great kid with a very positive attitude. I hope that he can make it back. I’d love to see him out there on Sunday’s helping the Vikings. He’s been busting his butt to get back and is moving good. So it’s going in the correct direction.

  8. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: Aug 27, 2013 11:16 AM

    “If Jerome Simpson doesn’t start doing something”

    I’m glad you have faith he might actually produce because my faith in him is about gone. I get he’s an athletic freak which is great and all but you rarely actually see that athleticism on the field. He’s essentially a cheaper Bernard Berrian (gross). If he were our fourth receiver I’d be all for him but if we are counting on him to be our number two I just don’t see it. Especially with how Ponder throws the deep ball… But hey, I really hope Jerome makes me eat my words.

  9. This is GOOD news, means he may see action this year and I am rooting for this guy so hard. I don’t think anyone thought he’d be active for the first week, but rehabbing on his own and joining the team after week 6 should be perfect for letting him progress. Excited to see what he can do!

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