Greg Schiano: Barring setback, Darrelle Revis is playing Week One


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan isn’t quite ready to say that Robert Griffin III will start at quarterback in the season opener, but there’s no such hesitation in Tampa when it comes to cornerback Darrelle Revis’ return from his own torn ACL.

On Friday, coach Greg Schiano confirmed that Revis will be starting against the Jets in the first week of the regular season unless he were to experience a setback with his knee or some other injury that left him unable to take the field. You can’t rule either of those things out for Revis, but, then, you can’t rule out an injury to any player between now and September 8 so that pretty much leaves the corner in the same boat as everyone else in the league.

Revis didn’t play in any of the Buccaneers’ four preseason games, so the contest against the Jets will be the first one that Revis has played for any team other than the Jets as a professional. We still don’t know which quarterback will be starting for the Jets, but it’s a good bet that the Jets’ game plan won’t be built around throwing at Revis regardless of who is doing the throwing.

Assuming Revis is on the field a week from Sunday, it will qualify as about as perfect a recovery from the torn ACL as he could have hoped for when he went down early last season. And if his play hasn’t been impacted too severely, it will be a pretty close to perfect acquisition by the Buccaneers as well.

13 responses to “Greg Schiano: Barring setback, Darrelle Revis is playing Week One

  1. I would reconsider playing him against the Jets. Are the Bucs really going to need him to beat the Jets???

    Let him rest the ACL another week, or give him a few reps to warm himself up to the game again, but no need to use him too much. I mean…it’s the Jets.

  2. @ravanator

    You are saying Revis will be mediocre at best when he is back??! So then that scrub of a DB you have in Webb, should be retired by the start of the season after his injury. The Ravens suck and the Bucs would dominate them.

  3. I sure hope our team takes the kid’s gloves off because we looked absolutely horrible in every preseason game, even when we beat the Dolphins based mostly on the play our our 3rd stringers…..

  4. Ever since AD came back so fast from his injury, all these teams are rushing these guys back! AD is the best RB of this decade and top ever, comparing him to others is a recipe for disaster! That being said, I was absolutely nervous the first 4-5 games of last season! Hoping to good health! Revis is a stud! We football fans should all hope for a successful recovery

  5. @ glazerh8er u are right on the money. we looked horrible doing the pre season don’t know how we are going to get through this mess for game 2.

  6. kuranda84 says:
    Aug 30, 2013 2:01 PM
    I would reconsider playing him against the Jets. Are the Bucs really going to need him to beat the Jets???

    I understand that many people think the Jets will be bad, but the Bucs ain’t the 85 Bears. They’re a *seemingly* improved 7-9 team that’s playing on the road on opening day before a hostile crowd.

    The idea that this is some sort of walkover is wrong.

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