Redskins, Dr. Andrews create a mess regarding Griffin


Intentionally or not, the Redskins have created a haze of confusion regarding quarterback Robert Griffin III, with the first game of the regular season only 10 days away.

Griffin reportedly will start, even though the report emerged before he was medically cleared.  And he’s now been medically cleared, but coach Mike Shanahan won’t say that Griffin will start.

But Shanahan will say that the man who cleared Griffin, Dr. James Andrews, has “a couple of concerns.”  But Shanahan won’t say what they are.  And Dr. Andrews is now telling reporters he has no concerns.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Trey Wingo has reported that Andrews is concerned not about Griffin’s twice-repaired knee but how the Redskins will use Griffin.

And now a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT that there’s “no way” Andrews ever would be concerned about how the Redskins use Griffin.

So the dog will keep chasing its tail until the first Monday night of the season, when the Eagles’ defense will be chasing Griffin.  Things could get very interesting if they catch him.  And hit him hard.  And put Andrews and the Redskins in the delicate position of having to determine whether he is able to keep playing.

In this new era of the NFL protecting players from themselves, it sure feels like Dr. Andrews is doing plenty of protecting of himself from criticism, scrutiny, and/or liability.

12 responses to “Redskins, Dr. Andrews create a mess regarding Griffin

  1. When has Mike Shannahan ever been deliberate or truthful about anything?

    This is gamesmanship and a media that is like a dog with its bone; nothing more, nothing less.

  2. I get it. Andrews was pressured to clear him and now wants to add a caveat. He’s cleared but just don’t hit him on the knee because it will implode.

    What I don’t get is what is the rush? If this guy is supposed to be the franchise QB for the foreseeable future, why not sit him for 6 – 8 games until you’re absolutely sure he’s ready?

    You’ve got a great backup in Cousins so let him do his job…….

  3. That’s gotta be tough for such loyal fans worrying on every dropback if their franchise qb’s knee can crumble for the 3rd time which would ultimately end his career.

  4. McNabb was right. Kid should just shut up and take advise from people have been there and done that.

    Born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. No regard for those who went before him is gonna cost – a lot.

    Shut up an play.

  5. @cowboy…right on sick and tired of the rglll updates every 5 minutes to,don’t forget about the jets qb battle,that’s all they talk about every day all day!!go hawks!!

  6. Concerning the Redskins’ quarterback – I’d be concerned if they didn’t have concerns. Because as far as surgically repaired knees are concerned, the concern is reinjury.

    –Truly concerned,

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