Rex Ryan: We had a terrible year, so criticism is to be expected

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has been taking shots in the media for everything from his handling of the quarterback situation to his decision to take time off on Saturday to attend his son’s college football game. Ryan says the criticism doesn’t rattle him.

Appearing on ESPN Radio in New York today, Ryan said the criticism is all about one thing: The Jets’ record last year was 6-10.

“We had a terrible year, so that’s to be expected,” Ryan said of the shots he takes in the media. “When you win in this town, in New York and New Jersey area, shoot, everybody’s happy. If you don’t, hey, I understand the criticism. But the beauty of it is we have a brand new season right in front of us.”

Regarding the criticism about attending his son’s game on the day the Jets had to submit their final 53-man roster to the league office, Ryan said he had already done all the personnel work he needed to do before he went on the trip. He added that his father, former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, never was able to get away from football to attend one of Rex’s college games, and so Rex was eager to be able to attend his son’s first game.

As for the criticism about the quarterback situation, Ryan said that he’ll decide on his starting quarterback when he’s good and ready, and he doesn’t care if the media think he should just make an announcement already.

“When we want to announce it, we’ll announce it,” Ryan said. “Not you guys, not somebody else. When we’re comfortable making the decision we will.”

If Ryan is coaching for his job this year — and he surely is — he’s going to do things his way.

52 responses to “Rex Ryan: We had a terrible year, so criticism is to be expected

  1. “If Ryan is coaching for his job this year — and he surely is — he’s going to do things his way.”

    Absolutely correct. If he’s going to be fired or not depending on this upcoming season, then he should most definitely do things his way.

  2. a terrible head coach who makes terrible decisions=terrible year, time for Rex to step down and focus on what he does best: be a Defensive Coordinator again

  3. I have no clue why Rex gets so much criticism? Yes he’s a loudmouth, but in regards to coaching, I’m not sure who would succeed with this roster? How many coaches would win more than 4 games with “butt fumble” Sanchez as their QB and probably the worst team in regards to skill position players in the NFL??

    I’m sure Rex is going to get the boot after this year, but 90% of the problem is that it’s a terrible roster that he’s working with. Unless the next coach gets a completely new roster, chances are he’ll be gone within a couple of years as well.

  4. I’m no Rex Ryan fan, but…

    It thrills me to no end to see him finally giving it back to the NY media, they deserve whatever they get…

  5. Rex isn’t just doing it his way, he’s doing it in a way that says to everyone in football, “Hey, don’t ever trust me in a head coaching position again.”

  6. The organization is a complete mess anyways, it was before Rex was there and will be if Rex isn’t there this year so it would make sense to do it his way regardless.

  7. It wasn’t just that the Jets went 6-10, it was the loud mouthed, embarrassing, cancer ridden locker room, butt fumbling way they went about it.

  8. The guy is kind of an idiot for sure, but don’t criticize him for puting family first.

    Good man!

  9. Guy is a great coach and deserves better than the constant barrage of attacks from the little pissant media brats in NYC all trying to be the loudest voice in the room. Hope he wins a SB and shuts them all the eff up. Go Rex. That guy does more with some of the crappiest rosters I have seen in the NFL than most coaches could do with actual NFL caliber talent. Most haters are just too petty to allow for the fact that he thinks he is as good as he is. As they subscribe to some idiotic version of what a coach is supposed to look like and act. Lots of great coaches were pompous idiotic blowhards (Parcells, Ditka, Gruden) It’s how you want your coaches and players to think. But everyone seems to think they have to act like a Paul Brown clone to be successful.

  10. When he is comfortable choosing between Sanchez or Smith? No coach should be comfortable choosing between those two chumps. Start revising the resume.

  11. Just my opinion but i think he’s trying to stick it up the media’s arse. If they’re game planing for TB you can bet they have their QB in mind.

  12. I’m sorry hasn’t he been doing things his way? Those first few years when they actually had some good runs he was largely coaching other coaches players, the more and more it became “his team” and was doing things “his way” is when the train came off the tracks. It’s doing things “his way” that has him in the situation he’s in, he might wanna try someone else’s way.

  13. He’s brash and obnoxious, but at least he loves his kids. How many parents make mistakes at work, and how many don’t care about the mass criticism, knowingly accepting even more just to show their kids he cares? He’s not the brightest coach in the world, but I sure don’t think he’s a bad parent.

  14. This guy is a lightning rod for criticism every year regardless of how his team does (if reading the comments on this website are any indication).

    Love him or hate him, he gets respect for doing things the way he things is best, and not giving a crap what anybody else things.

    That and the fact that year after year his players always say that they want to lay it on the line for him.

  15. He could have divorced his wife and abandoned his kids for football like Jimmy Johnson. Maybe that would make the media happy. Of course Jimmy did win a couple of Super Bowls and would have won more if he didn’t walk out on his team, so maybe he was on to something.

  16. It’s kindof unfair to blame the the Epic Fail of the Jets on Wrecks.

    He’s not alone among Jets coaches.

    The last time the Jets were in a Super Bowl, man had yet to step foot on the moon.

    That being said, under his tenure, the Jets have yet to surpass the Houston Oilers in AFC East titles.

  17. As a Dolphins fan , I’m naturally hoping the Jets will lose , although not enough to get the number one draft pick.
    However , I can also say that I believe Rex Ryan is good for the game. Like his father , and like Mike Ditka before him , though ,he’s just not a guy who’s going to coach the same team for fifteen years , because of his gung ho , all out style of coaching and press interviews.

  18. He has been the Jets coach for four seasons. Twice they went to the AFC Championship Game. Everybody loves to beat up Rex, but his record is better than most coaches in the NFL. Not saying he will make it past this season, but a little perspective is needed with the constant Jets onslaught.

  19. Bottom line…. Rex is not and never will be a head coach… He doesn’t have a clue about the big picture and or the offense end of things.. He is clueless.. When he didn’t know his QB threw 47 times in a game, that there was fighting in the huddle and term-oil in the locker room and most recently missed some of the action when Geno was falling apart against the Giants made it obvious that Rex Ryan is not head coach material. Like him or not he does not have the right stuff, all he has is Woody…

  20. Rex, you are a TERRIBLE coach, which is why criticism is to be expected and warranted….
    Honestly, if Rex Ryan just kept his mouth shut, life would be much easier for himself and the Jets fans.

  21. As per wiki:

    Mark Kriegel, an analyst for the NFL Network, found that between 2005 and 2012, during his tenure with both the Ravens and Jets, Ryan’s defenses have never been ranked lower than sixth overall in the NFL and have allowed an average of 281 yards per game from scrimmage, second to Dick LeBeau’s 277.4 yards per game. LeBeau is generally regarded as one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the NFL…..

  22. In fairness to Rex, Kubiak went and saw his sons play in a college game too. Nobody seems to be making it an issue there though.

  23. Rex Ryan is a joke and he is also just like his father — a jerk.
    I keep hearing how he’s a “great” defensive coach. Really? I must have missed something. Good would be a better word, but certainly not “great”.
    He’s a dead-man walking and he’ll be gone after this year. I can’t imagine anyone would ever give him another head coaching job. He’s too much of a bufoon and he’s a lousy head coach, too.
    Other than that, he’s “great”.

  24. Hey Charmscitychampions, I think you are talking about the wrong NY head coach when you use the word great. Coughlin is the only HC in NY who could be considered great. The difference is he’s a classy guy who doesn’t run his mouth to try to build himself up like dopey Ryan does. All he does is put solid teams on the field year after year and win Super Bowls now and then.
    The Jets will be lucky to win 5 games this year. And Ryan will be fired.
    And don’t kid yourself — the talent on the Jets roster was put there by Ryan. So if they have lousy talent, that’s on him, too.
    The reason Ryan gets so much criticism starts with his big mouth and over-inflated ego. There are so many other HC’s in the NFL who are better than he is, but they don’t self-promote themselves the way he does. They just go out and do their jobs at a high level.
    Ryan is another Jerry Glanville, except he’s more abrasive.

  25. The Jets are a mess. Rex isn’t responsible for the entire mess, but he’s had a big role. At the end of this year he and Sanchez will be done in NY. Rex will land on his feet somewhere. Sanchez will be lucky to have a career as a backup.

  26. when things went well, players got away with eating on the football field.

    eating…at practice.

    He is a sideshow, the jets are a freak show, and he will be fired at the end of the season, a new coach will come in who wants his own QB(sorry geno smith)

    Its amazing how many still support this clown as a head coach.

  27. the jets last year were decimated by injuries and had to endure the worst qb play you’ll ever see. and yet they were still competitive and were even in playoff contention late in the season.

    rex is good coach. if he had qb that wasnt a turnover machine and he’d made the playoffs each of his four years as jets coach.

  28. @ charmedcitychampions….

    Who do you think BUILT those ‘crappiest rosters in the NFL’ without ‘high caliber’ NFL talent?


    Who consistently makes poor personnel and execution decisions?


    Who annually predicts ‘wild success’ and ‘Superbowls’, but crashes and burns and looks mystified doing so?


    You know why Parcells, Ditka, Gruden, Belichick can get away with the ‘attitude’? Super Bowl wins – BACKING UP the attitude. Rex has failed to back it up – it is baseless.

    Now try this again… why do you think much of the media and NFL Fans criticize Rex?

  29. dolphinatic13 says:Sep 3, 2013 9:25 PM

    I’d like to say we’re going to miss him, but we won’t.
    Do you miss winning a playoff game?

    2000 was your last one.

  30. sellout1983 says:Sep 3, 2013 8:48 PM

    No, you’re HAVING a terrible year.

    What’s your team’s record as of today?????????
    (If you chose them yet)

  31. lrjets — Why do you consistently bring up that the Fins haven’t had a playoff win since 2000? Why not bring up what really matters? The real measure of success is going to the big dance and the Fins have done it SIX times to the jests ONE time in 43+ years. History is history, don’t choose how far back you want to go to make it look good. Everyone knows this is a “what-have-you-done-lately” league. And if that’s the case, I’d say the Fins have a lot more hope than the jests. Just sayin’.

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