Ziggy Ansah only an observer at Tuesday’s practice


The Lions haven’t said whether or not rookie defensive end Ziggy Ansah suffered a concussion more than a week ago, but the speculation won’t be stopping after Ansah sat out another practice on Tuesday.

Ansah was in attendance at the team’s practice, however, and watched as his fellow defensive linemen were put through their paces. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that it was Ansah’s first time on the field in even that role in nine days and referred to it as an “encouraging sign” even though coach Jim Schwartz offered no updates on Ansah’s condition when he lumped him in with the other injured players who will be listed on Wednesday’s injury report.

“We’ll get all those guys back as quick as we can,” Schwartz said. “I think we’ll be fairly healthy going into the first game, about the best we could expect coming out of training camp. But as coaches we’re ready to go any direction if we have to.”

Schwartz did say that he wasn’t worried about Ansah having missed too many reps to jump back into things if he gets a clean bill of health, so a return to practice for Ansah would bode well for his chances of playing. If he can’t, Willie Young would likely get the start in Ansah’s place.

9 responses to “Ziggy Ansah only an observer at Tuesday’s practice

  1. Is this really a big loss?

    Had the pick-6, then was pretty much invisible in his remaining preseason action.

    But I’m cool to pretend he wasn’t a reach, if it makes you all fell better.

  2. Well its not like they’re facing the best offensive line in the division this Sunday or anything… wait, Kalil and Loadholt? Ehh… of course its Kalil and Loadholt. Thank goodness Mayhew didn’t schedule his vacation during free agency this year.

  3. Hope he feels better and gets back to work soon.

    Not a Lions fan, but hate to see guys go down like they have been this year.

    When he comes back, he should switch to the new concussion reducing helmets….

    And to the Viking troll, @sandblastermoron ……
    Your starting QB is Christian Ponder……

    Ponder that before you make fun of any other team.

  4. Drafted as an insanely athletic player, very raw and not ready to start. That’s the case with many drafted players. People want him to be good right away and with his lack of football iq he just won’t be until atleast a full season. He’s going to make plays but he’ll also be a huge liability until or if he puts it all together.

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