Report: At least two weeks before Sanchez is ready


It has become apparent, if not officially acknowledged, that Mark Sanchez won’t play this week because of his shoulder injury.

But there are increasing signs it might be longer than that, and perhaps permanent as it pertains to his career as Jets starter.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Sanchez is expected to miss at least the first two weeks and perhaps longer. He hasn’t even thrown a ball since injuring his right shoulder on Aug. 24, and may not soon to keep from making the injury worse.

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” Sanchez said Monday, holding out hope. “We’ll make a good push this week and see where I’m at. You just want to take this thing slow, take it the right way, make the right progression without reinjuring yourself.”

Their schedule’s also a factor, as this week’s opener against the Bucs is followed by a short-week game against the Patriots the following Thursday.

The 10-day break before they play the Bills in Week Three might be the next window for Sanchez. But if rookie Geno Smith plays well in the next two weeks, with coaches apparently leaning his way now, two weeks might be too late for Sanchez, and the inevitable parting would begin playing itself out.

16 responses to “Report: At least two weeks before Sanchez is ready

  1. Wouldn’t be shocked if he never plays another snap for the Jets. Can’t feel sorry for him as he pockets that 8.5 million guaranteed though.

  2. If the Jets knew Sanchez was out for 8 weeks, they would still tell us “at least 2 weeks” in an attempt to cover their incompetence.

  3. hey strokey….

    I know he’s done…and was never great, but you have to admit facts….he was 4-2 in the playoffs in his first 2 years and 8-5 his third year.

    talk about imploding.

    hope smith plays well…

  4. Just play Matt Simms and let Gino marinate… seriously, what is there too lose? Some games, a HC, respect from the league? Sorry to say that all those thing already have or will happen regardless of the QB…

  5. This must be encouraging news for the Jets, that after 4 years he will finally be ready in just a couple of weeks .

  6. I want Matt Simms to start. This guy hasn’t thrown an INT yet. Many backups had turn out better than the first round pick. Tom Brady is one of them. The Jets have a good defense, that will keep them in the game. They will win on defense. Create turn-overs, get pick sixes. The Jets should put Coples and Hill in the center, when the other team is kicking a FG.Both are tall

    Go Jets

  7. As easy as it is to get a laugh out of the Jets, piling on at this point is like kicking a three legged, homeless dog. That has fleas. And mange. And is incontinent.

    This article just makes me wonder, would Jets fans rather Smith come in and play well, ultimately saving Ryan’s job, or would they rather he be shaky, have Sanchez come back and ruin the season, ensuring that they both get their walking papers?

  8. Lets be serious, the run game and the defense took the jets and Sanchez to 2 straight AFC title game losses. If Sanchez could actually play they probably would’ve went to a SB 1 of those years.

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