Gary Kubiak on Ed Reed: He could be a game-time decision on Monday


The Texans won’t open their season until Monday night, giving safety Ed Reed an extra day to convince the team that he’s healthy enough to play.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Friday that there’s a chance that could happen. Kubiak said that Reed was able to do more in practice on Friday and that he thinks the veteran safety has a shot to get on the field against the Chargers.

“He had another good practice today,” Kubiak said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He’s come a long way. I can’t say he won’t play.”

Reed’s response to a stepped-up practice schedule will likely play a role in the team’s ultimate decision as will the big picture of what lies ahead for the Texans this season. While they’d obviously like to have him on the field, an opener against a Chargers team that doesn’t look particularly threatening may not be worth risking having Reed for the larger portion of the season.

The Texans will release their final injury report for Monday’s game on Saturday, which is when we’ll get more definitive word on the outlook for Reed in Week One.

11 responses to “Gary Kubiak on Ed Reed: He could be a game-time decision on Monday

  1. If I was Kubiak, I’d sit him till Bmore. They don’t need Reed for the Chargers or the Titans.

    Based on what we saw last night, might not need him for the Ratbirds either…….

  2. It would be great for Texans to have him on field, but not needed in my opinion. Look at Texans top 10 players: 1 JJ watt 2 Andre Johnson 3 Arian foster 4 Duane brown 5 Brian Cushing 6 ed reed 7 Matt shaub 8 Jonathon Joseph 9 Antonio smith 10 Owen Daniel. Honorable mention d manning, k Jackson, brooks Reid, wade smith, Hopkins, Ben Tate… Dare any team to top this list. SF may come close. Hat’s off to Rick smith for putting this team together. #stacked

  3. Call him old all you want doubters and Ravens apologists. But had Reed been playing center field I can guarantee at least two TDs last night wouldn’t have happened.

    Best of luck to the Texans! You were the only ones willing to take a chance. May it pay off.

    — a loyal Ravens fan

  4. Hey, I’m just wondering if the Texans have any regrets, not slamming Reed. As a Steelers fan, I know better than most what a healthy Reed brings to the mix and I love watching him play (anyone but us). But the nagging injuries are a concern.

  5. We all know Reed’s real goal is to be on the field for Week 3 against the Ravens.

    Of course… With as bad as they look. Reed might just take that week off and laugh on the sideline.

    “They said I couldn’t tackle? Look at that Michael Huff guy!”

  6. For those asking if Texans fans regret signing him – I can honestly say I speak for the majority of Texans fans when I say we don’t regret the signing so long as he can at least contribute to this team. We really don’t care if he plays Week 1 although the majority of us just want to see him out there in a Texans uniform for the first time. He wasn’t brought here to be an All-Pro, he wasn’t brought here to be a dominant force or a 16-game stud. He was brought to help a secondary that was torched last year and to bring more mental toughness to a team that lacked it the last 2 years.

    Phillip Rivers was quoted this week when asked about Reed playing, and he basically said the exact reason why the Texans signed him – just his presence makes QB’s have to at least think twice before throwing in that direction, and just that little bit of hesitation and doubt can help a secondary and a pass rush.

  7. I feel bad for the Texans. I truly hope he gets his game back. Until then you need to make him as comfortable as possible. Maybe a nice LazyBoy on the sideline would help in the meantime.

    Texans need to at least win one more game than the Cowboys to be Texas’s Team… Sick of those Boys!!!

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