Watch PFT’s live coverage of the Aaron Hernandez arraignment


Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is scheduled to be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge today.

PFT will carry live coverage from the courtroom, with legal analysis from Mike Florio.

The arraignment is scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. Eastern on Friday afternoon in Fall River, Massachusetts. Hernandez was indicted last month in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

To watch the proceedings, click here.

3 responses to “Watch PFT’s live coverage of the Aaron Hernandez arraignment

  1. It’s a shame what people will throw for stupidity. Whether he did it or not, to still involve yourself with the same type of people is nonsense.

  2. I’ve wondered often if a west coast team had drafted him and he spent most of his time far away from his home in CT, would this would have even happened ?

    It certainly hurt Hernandez that all the cronies had to do was jump in their car and drive an hour or 2 to get to him. Not that he doesn’t bear full responsibility but if he’d been with a team far away from home it might have eased the pressure on him.

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