Ed Reed not expected to make Texans debut tonight


The Texans are going to open the season without the veteran mentor they felt they so desperately needed.

We mentioned yesterday that Reed was expected to miss tonight’s game against the Chargers,  and ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s hearing the same thing.

Reed was listed as questionable on the injury report, but his availability was considered a longshot, as he did little this offseason after hip surgery. Granted, the Texans didn’t necessarily bring him in for his physical skills (which were in decline anyway), but as someone who could help a young defense take the next step by sharing his championship experience.

Now, he’ll be able to share that wisdom, but from the sidelines in street clothes.

6 responses to “Ed Reed not expected to make Texans debut tonight

  1. Ed will not play until he thinks he is 100%. Not 90%.

    And I really wonder if his heart is in it. Everytime I see a shot of him, he’s wearing something purple.

  2. Ed Reed will play to his potential this year. Just know that there is regular season Ed and then playoffs Ed. The former will not put his body on the line to make a tackle. The latter is one the greatest of all time.

  3. Getting the Texans to sign him to that contract was a crime. Ozzie knew he was hurt, so did Reed. But hey, it’s a crime to let a fool keep his money too.


    Um….you do now the majority of his money is performance based right? Every game he misses he loses 64k. No? Probably because your head is ringing from that Thursday Manning Bombs that went off in your secondary.

  4. I love how people think that they know this man just because he played in your city. The fact of the matter is no one knows how his body works and when he’ll be back. Come back when you want ed. And btw, I never see him in purple. I’ve been to 2 practices and watch football religiously. #stophatingonHouston

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