Gus Bradley: I want Chad Henne to “capture” starting job


The Jaguars are starting quarterback Chad Henne against the Raiders this weekend because of Blaine Gabbert’s thumb injury and Henne said Wednesday that he hopes to play well enough to hold onto the job.

It’s not the usual mode of operation for a quarterback to be named the starter and then lose the job after one start, but the Jaguars quarterback situation is hardly the typical one. Gabbert was not the choice of current General Manager Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley and his struggles since coming to the team have been well documented, which perhaps leaves him more vulnerable than another quarterback. Bradley said as much Wednesday when asked about Henne’s comment.

“That’s good — I would hope he would say that,” Bradley said, via the team’s website. “He’s a competitor. That’s why we have confidence in him playing. I really want him to go out here and capture this and be at his best. That was our conversation today, ‘Don’t wait until Sunday to compete.'”

There’s no way of knowing exactly what Henne would need to do to capture the job, but Bradley’s statement suggests that playing well enough to lead the Jags to a win over Oakland would be a pretty good start after the dreadful offensive performance against the Chiefs. If he does that, simply getting healthy might not be enough for Gabbert to jump back into the quarterback job.

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  1. Henne has had some flashes like against Houston but overall he’s not very good. He’s still light-years better than Gabbert, though.

  2. “Gus Bradley: I want Chad Henne to “capture” starting job”

    How convenient, first he hands the job to Gabbert and now that Gabbert’s injured, he wants Henne to capture the job.


  3. Gabbert being named the started was just the delay of the inevitable removal of him as the starter. Blaine Gabbert will never be a starter in this league. It’s a shame considering how much upside and talent he had when he was drafted.

  4. Always wonder how many QBs are made vs. how many are ruined. How much of it is a time and place kind of deal. Would Aaron Rodgers have floundered if taken earlier and thrown into a starting role, Brady the same.

  5. If the Jaguars want to give themselves a chance they’ll ditch their “American Hero” and start Henne. He nearly beat my Texas last year on the road. So ya just forget about Yo Gabba Gabbert.

  6. they should have made a move at QB. I would have traded for Pat White. I saw some things in his preseason work that has me thinking you could win games with him doing what RGIII does.

  7. Don’t you love how Indy fans like this peytonsneck character act as if they have done something to contribute to sucking so bad to acquiring Manning and Luck back to back. That franchise was as irrelevant as a franchise can get and about to move again until Manning fell into your lap. Then was about to become irrelevant yet again until an intentional blown season to get Luck. Indy has done nothing to contribute to NFL to deserve those two caliber QB’s. Ridiculous.

  8. The Jags should just bring in Tebow and the fans can copy the Bronco fans.
    When the announcer says, “Tebow drops back to pass”, you cover your eyes and wait for the announcer to say, “Well, that one didn’t flutter so much and the fan in the third row got a nice souvenir.”
    Then, you sit back and wait for a decent pass and a nice catch, followed by an electrifying run.
    Also, you keep the faith and watch till the end of the game simply because it’s Tebow and anything can happen and probably will.
    Football is entertainment and Tebow is one of the most entertaining of QB’s around.

  9. Shad Khan is an astute business man and you can be sure he was not pleased to see less than 500 people in Ever Bank Field late in the third quarter. Shad you know who will put butts in those seats, remember it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog. And I can guarandamntee Timmy can lead your team to more than 2 wins.

  10. Henne and Gabbert both won one game apiece last year, so lets not try to make Henne some all pro QB who’s heads and shoulders better than Gabbert all of a sudden….

  11. The Jaguars cannot bring in Tim Tebow. I’m sure the same people who are all about the Jags getting him now will be totally okay with Bridgewater starting next year, right? This season is about getting better while taking our lumps so we can continue to build through the draft in 2014.

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