Pats did indeed contact Lloyd about returning

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On Wednesday, we reported that the Patriots (and other teams) have reached out to receiver Brandon Lloyd about playing in 2013.  Lloyd, who gained 911 yards in 2012 with New England, consistently has declined, explaining that he’s not mentally or physically ready to play.

On Thursday, our friend (not sarcasm) Mike Silver of NFL Network (i.e., the rebel who now works for the man) dropped trou and took a dump on the report, contending that the Patriots “never called” Lloyd.

So we double-checked, and we learned that, yes, the Patriots did call about Lloyd.  It was a while ago, but it happened.

On the night when NFLN has invaded Gillette Stadium and the Pats are feeling uncharacteristically loquacious on matters like Bill Belichick’s contract, it doesn’t mean the info that may be flowing from the organization is accurate.  As to the notion that they didn’t contact Lloyd, it’s not accurate.

We can understand why the Patriots would deny it.  For starters, the Patriots like to create the impression that they get what they want, and what they don’t get they didn’t want.  Now that they’re trying to get by with a collection of rookies and reformed slappies, they need to love the ones they’re with.

16 responses to “Pats did indeed contact Lloyd about returning

  1. The Pats better get on the phone TOMORROW and sign a couple of the free-agent receivers out there, that was about the worst exhibition I’ve ever seen. They’re lucky they’re in a terrible division, they look bad bad bad so far this year.

  2. Those kids were brutal drop upon drop, growing pains not sure if the Pats will be a juggernaut, will improve when Gronk and all those were hurt suit up.

  3. Lloyd should really consider signing with the Niners. He and Boldin would compliment one another well. There are worst jobs than catching laser-guided bombs from Kaepernick if you want a ring at this stage of your career.

  4. If they try to create that impression, then why does Mr. Kraft freely admit he wanted to keep Welker, and other players only to see them leave?

    If they wanted to show the attitude they are accused of here, wouldn’t he have said something like, “Well we wish (fill in the blank) well, but we were ready to move on?” Pretty silly accusation in my opinion.

  5. An NFL reporter “denies” the claim that the Patriots wanted Lloyd back…and now this dou che reporter is claiming the Patriots denied it? I think it’s a bunch of he said she said amongst reporters trying to beat the other. Unless you are in the Locker Room watch what you claim.

  6. As a Pats fan, I’m glad they contacted Lloyd and tried to bring him back. He’s an odd duck so there’s no shame in being turned down. The organization did the right thing by making the attempt.

    Of course, the wrong thing is having Brady live out what must have been only a nightmare scenario: Dropped passes, rookie receivers, no tight ends… only this time it’s real.

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