Replay review takes touchdown off the board for Jets

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After the Jets fell into a 10-point hole, their offense woke up.  A little.

Fueled by a 27-yard pass to Santonio Holmes plus another 15 from an illegal hit on quarterback Geno Smith (actually, there appeared to be two of them) and some hard-nosed running from Chris Ivory, the Jets got into position to score.

On one snap, Smith (as pointed out by NFL Network’s Mike Mayock) didn’t see receiver Stephen Hill wide open down the seam.  On the next, Smith say receiver Clyde Gates and delivered the ball.

It was called a touchdown on the field.  Automatic replay review resulted in a reversal of the ruling on the field, based on evidence that Gates didn’t keep control over the ball as he dove forward in the end zone to catch it.

And it appeared to be the right call, under the (a), (b), and (c) formula that applies to determining when a catch is a catch.  While Gates caught the ball and had both feet on the ground, he didn’t maintain possession once he hit the ground, and he didn’t have enough time after making the catch to complete a move common to the game of football before hitting the ground.

It could be argued that there can never be truly indisputable visual evidence to overturn the judgment call regarding whether there is sufficient time after completing the catch and getting both feet down to commit “any act common to the game (i.e., maintaining control long enough to pitch it, pass it, advance with it, or avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.).”  In this case, however, Gates went straight down after making the catch.  The reversal means that his indisputably didn’t have time to commit a “football move,” and thus he had to keep possession upon going to the ground.

And so the Jets settled for a field goal.  They currently trail, 10-3.

32 responses to “Replay review takes touchdown off the board for Jets

  1. Either way the ball never touches the ground on video and so the call cannot be overturned on the basis that the referee declared as “not maintaining control throughout”. That ball never touches the ground and must be ruled a simultaneous catch or even arguably an INT, and apparently inches outside of the endzone.

  2. This team gets every BS break there is. Brady as the best 1QB ever….lololololol….both 3rd and long plays 1 wr screen…2nd hub draw…what a joke. Brady is so over rated. This team sucks.

  3. Jets are totally out playing this team…they have no run game….once this game evens up…Brady will force it and start throwing pics

  4. As a Dolphin fan I hate the Jets. But I have to say Smith looks much better then Sanchez. He is taking advantage of his opportunity.

  5. No replay ever showed the ball hit the ground. The defender didn’t know where the ball was. The receiver did have at least 50% control at the one foot line at the end.

    It should have been Jets ball at the one foot line. Blown call by the refs. One of too many.

  6. Is Brady throwing over 50 percent this game….he’s giving thebowner a run for his money on completion percentage

  7. Brady just hit Dobson in the hands twice, only to see the rookie drop both passes. One of those passes should have been a 70-yard touchdown. Don’t tell me about quarterback ratings.

  8. Well at least they got this one right unlike the Victor Cruz catch. Didn’t see the play but 99% of the time I disagree with the ruling with this rule.

  9. Although this was the correct call on this play, the officiating has been pretty sloppy thus far. Just like the game itself.

  10. No replay ever showed the ball hitting the ground, so either the patriots had posession, or the jets did. Either it’s a TD or an interception. If anyone saw the ball hit the ground let me know. I saw the ball loose, but never on the ground

  11. Dobson does not know when he is open. First, on the goal line with the defender backing up and then up the right sideline with the defender taking an inside route and Dobson needing to look back shoulder. Boy, we miss Deon Branch’s intelligent play.

  12. I’m a full on Giants fan but I’m really pulling for the Jets on this deal. The Perfect Season, Spy-Gate, not practicing the ego is almost unbearable. Somehow though I don’t care either way.

  13. If you are going to write an article about this then I suspect the next article will be about the ensuing kickoff going out of the endzone…

  14. And now they do the same to the Pats….took a long time, had to wait for the league office to call and say it’s incomplete, so as to ensure consistency with their stupid incomprehnsible rule since it was shown that the officials don’t even know based on the Cruz/Calvin plays this weekend being the same but differently called.

  15. Thompkins’ catch and the referee’s reversal is the key play of the game so far. Based on the rules, the ref might be right but how that is not a catch makes no sense to me. Players that execute should be rewarded, not punished. The ball did not move. His hands slid down a ball that he had in his complete control.

  16. I am confused. Is it Brady that sucks or is it Belichick that sucks? Or do they both suck? Do you fools have any idea how imbecilic your comments about these two first-ballot Hall-of-Famers are to any informed reader?

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