Cortland Finnegan fined $7,875 for late hit on Larry Fitzgerald


Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan had a rough opening to the 2013 season.

The Cardinals picked on him all day long and got several good gains on passes thrown in Finnegan’s direction. Finnegan was also penalized three times, two of which were personal fouls that also handed chunks of yards to Arizona and the third wound up declined because Andre Roberts picked up a first down even though Finnegan was guilty of illegal contact.

The Rams won, which made it easier to swallow Finnegan’s performance but the league has now reached out to make his individual day even worse. PFT has confirmed with the league that Finnegan was fined $7,875 for one of those personal fouls, a late hit on Larry Fitzgerald that helped set the Cardinals up for a Carson Palmer to Fitzgerald touchdown later in the drive. Based on other fines handed down by the league, he could have picked one up for the second one, which was a hit on Michael Floyd.

Two Rams safeties avoided fines for hits on Roberts. Neither T.J. McDonald nor Rodney McLeod received envelopes from the league this week.

6 responses to “Cortland Finnegan fined $7,875 for late hit on Larry Fitzgerald

  1. As a Ram’s fan I think he deserved it. He played terrible all day and commited stupid penalties in the process. I’m hoping they put him on a limpy Roddy White or Harry Douglas because Julio would eat him alive with his speed.

  2. Has there been a season in which Finnegan has not given himself a pay cut via fines and/or hurt his team with unnecessary, untimely or boneheaded penalties?

  3. Why wasn’t his fine as much as Suh? he has just ad much of a history, if not worse. Finnegan got into an actually fight on the field…..I forgot Finnegan isn’t the media’s whipping boy, so the fine isn’t as big.

  4. Hasn’t Cortland Finnegan had the most personal fouls of any NFL player over the last three years? Or approximately the same time that Ndamukong Suh has been in the NFL.

    So, is there any question now why Suh has challenged the exorbitant fine he was levied?

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