Cowboys ride defense, Dez Bryant to halftime lead


The Cowboys defense didn’t get off to the best start, allowing the Chiefs to go 77 yards for a touchdown on their opening drive, but they’ve allowed just 91 yards since then to go into the half with a 10-7 lead.

Dallas has sacked Alex Smith three times, with DeMarcus Ware picking up two of them, and held Jamaal Charles to just eight rushing yards on four carries. They’ve hurried Smith several other times, which, along with some read-option calls, has helped Smith to 47 first-half rushing yards as he’s been forced to improvise.

The Cowboys offense hasn’t had much more success, with one big exception. Dez Bryant has caught five passes for 100 yards, including a run of three straight in Chiefs territory that ended with the team’s only touchdown. Dallas has just 54 other yards, so they’ll likely need to find some other ways to move the ball to ensure they remain on the right side of the score through the final 30 minutes.