X-rays negative on Weeden’s thumb after late-game hit

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden wasn’t able to finish Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, and they don’t know yet how serious the injury is.

According to Tony Grossi of ESPNCleveland.com, Weeden suffered a sprained right thumb late in the game. X-rays were negative, but neither the player or coach Rob Chudzinski knew if he’d be able to play next week against the Vikings.

“We’ll just have to see,” Chudzinski said.

Backup Jason Campbell finished the game for Weeden, who left the locker room with a brace over his right hand.

20 responses to “X-rays negative on Weeden’s thumb after late-game hit

  1. When you’re about 40 years old, these kind of things happen. I’d advise Weeden to take it easy with his walker this week.

  2. It’s amazing…when you hardly bring in any new players, you end up having the same problems as last year! Who woulda thought?

  3. wearethechampsandyourenot says: Sep 15, 2013 6:35 PM

    1 of many QBs we will knock out this year




    I know I’ll get a lot of thumbs-down but, this offense looks simply HORRIBLE!

    In defense of Weeden, he did look a little better but the play calling is GAWD awful.

    Is Mangenius still out there????

  5. so lost in this MESS is the fact 2 of our 3 starting Dline were inactive today…does it EVER END? Basically if we can’t beat the Vikings next week with their all world RB our season will be over in September ONCE AGAIN>

  6. It’s hard to be a Browns fan. I have been one all my life and will always be, but the constant losing wears you down. If you are on these boards, then you are a better NFL fan than most. I feel like the Saints of the late 70s, 80s and only hope that we eventually find our Drew Brees. You look around the league and see KC winning with Smith and Reid or Buffalo pulling out a victory Manuel, or The old OC Trestman winning in Chicago and say “when will it happen to us?” It gets harder to take every year.

  7. Oh, fellow browns fans. This is why other fans think we are a joke. It’s week two and we’re already calling for the backup (or third string) QB to save the season. Clearly, we didn’t learn anything from the Kelly Holcomb, Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn or Colt McCoy experiments.

    I’m not defending the horrible QB/WR play, but relax, it’s week 2. You don’t cash in the season after week 2.

  8. Thank God that Josh Gordon is back in the lineup next week because little couldnt catch a cold right now. We need that deep threat because right now, with the exception of Cameron, we do not have anyone to stretch the field. The offensive scheme hasnt changed from Schurmer’s little check down, dump it off for 4 yard passes.

    I am torn with Weeden right now. Part of me thinks that now Gordon is back he might be better, but the other part of me thinks he is a lost cause, both on the field and in the eyes of management.

    Honestly, I dont know what to make of the team, and its very hard to watch, knowing that the playing field in the division is as even as it has been in a long time.

    Two good things have come out of the first two games.

    1.) Jordan Cameron is emerging to be a top 5 TE in the league, and if the front office were smart, they would do what they can to lock him up long term.

    2.) Ray Horton’s Defense is stout. If they can shut down AP next week, I dont see another back being able to eclipse the 100 yard mark against us. Even Buster stepped up and made some plays yesterday.

  9. wearethechampsandyourenot says: Sep 15, 2013 6:35 PM

    1 of many QBs we will knock out this year


    You forgot the other hashtag: #douche

  10. How many teams would Little start for?

    How many rosters would Cousins even be on?

    In what year will the Browns find a competent CB to play opposite Hayden?

    Defense looks much improved, but the offense looks as bad, if not worse than last years mess.

    I wish I could stop rooting for them. I wonder if this is how a junkie feels.

    You have to give props to the fans that actually pay to watch the Browns.

  11. It was just sad to watch. A lead at half time. Shutting down their offense and just knowing it wasn’t going to end well. It really is futal year after year, but having been exiled to MN, I have tickets to Sunday’s game. I will go and cheer for my Browns – at least until it is too embarrassing to continue. Someday, I just know it, someday……

  12. You idiots cannot blame Norv or Weeden for this offence. They have nothing to work with. All the recievers were covered all day long. The only thing I see they could have done was get more inventive with the run. Passing is out of the question until they get some recievers.

  13. I am still pissed off that the Browns lost Dion Lewis for the year. He was that change of pace to Trent that could have made some noise this year.

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