Mychal Kendricks had a unique “welcome to the NFL” moment


Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks, a second-round pick in the 2012 draft, has a great story to tell his grandchildren.

And it comes from the always-reliable “pull my finger” playbook.

Via our friends at WIP radio in Philly, Kendricks recently was participated in the Twitter-based “Ask an Eagle” feature.  So someone asked him to identify his “welcome to the NFL moment.”

Replied Kendricks:  “When I got hit so hard I farted.”

Which gives new meaning to the phrase, “I think he just sh-t himself.”

Please return to enjoying your lunch.  Hopefully it’s not a Thermos full of beef stew.

22 responses to “Mychal Kendricks had a unique “welcome to the NFL” moment

  1. Farted? I thought you were going to say it was b/c Antonio Gates pooped all over him last week. I thought Kendrick’s was one of the few young defenders who could potentially have a bright future here, but when you’re an undersized 3-4 ILB who can’t cover – you’re not long for the league.

  2. This guy is too funny!
    I’d like to know how his Dad felt about that response…bet he cringed instead of laughed.

  3. fxg0201 says:
    Sep 18, 2013 1:36 PM
    You realize you just wasted 5 minutes of my life on this crap.

    If it took you 5 minutes to read this article, you probably have the IQ of a potato.

  4. fxg0201 says:
    You realize you just wasted 5 minutes of my life on this crap.

    that took you a really long time to read.

  5. He can you honestly believe that Mychal Kendrick’s is bad in pass coverage? This is only his second season in the league, and he is already one of the best cover-linebackers anywhere. Kendricks is arguably the most athletic LB in the NFL, with true sideline-to-sideline capabilities. At the scouting combine he ran the fastest 40 time( something around a 4.4), the fastest shuttle, and had the highest vertical leap amongst the linebackers. He blew everyone away at the combine, and he isn’t one of those players whose athleticism makes up for a lack of talent…he was the defensive player of the year in his conference in college. His capabilities are truly innumerable, and the Eagles use him in such a variety of ways to take advantage of his freakish athleticism, like sending him on blitzes, spying mobile QBs, covering RBs and TEs., etc.

    In all likelihood he’ll have a few probowl appearances under his belt before its all said and done.

  6. Well it’s funny because the player who said the line probably hasn’t seen this movie and didn’t know what he was setting himself up for. Granted it’s not very funny, but the player was the one who knocked on the door of opportunity for a joke. If he was aware of the famous line from the movie he probably would not have said anything like this. So that’s further funny since he unknowingly stepped into it. This is just a case of some punny slapstick.

    Too bad he doesn’t play for Cleveland where nobody would have noticed due to the much larger gas problem that has stunk up the entire franchise.

  7. My hope is as a birds fan, that he can be the one knocking the farts out of people instead of him getting the fart knocked out of him!!!

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