Rowdy teens trash the home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway

Brian Holloway was a first-round draft pick of the Patriots in 1981, lasted eight years in the league and made three Pro Bowls. When you have that kind of NFL career, you make enough money to buy things like a vacation home on a 200-acre property.

And when you have a vacation property like that, you’re a target for rowdy teenagers.

That’s the hard lesson Holloway learned over Labor Day Weekend, when he was at his home in Florida and began seeing messages on Twitter about a wild party at his vacation home in Upstate New York. Holloway couldn’t believe it when he started seeing tweets saying hundreds of teenagers were partying at his house, getting drunk, breaking windows and generally wreaking havoc.

“We were getting eyewitness reports of what was happening while it was happening. We couldn’t believe what was going down,” Holloway told the Associated Press.

Police eventually showed up, but the party-goers scattered and no arrests were made. Holloway estimates that the damage (which includes broken windows and glass doors, holes in walls, graffiti, scratches on floors and urine stains on carpet) will cost about $20,000 to clean up.

Holloway is asking anyone with information to come forward, and he’s hoping to use Twitter messages to determine the identities of some of the teenagers.

30 responses to “Rowdy teens trash the home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway

  1. How do I always have one of the first comments? My mom has high speed internet. #IHaveNoLife #PB&JforDinner

  2. Rich ex football players do not buy vacation homes in the ghetto. They buy them in richy type neighborhoods. These kids are prolly all on their way to Ithaca this fall for paid for college and their daddy’s are this ex football stars neighbors. I would threaten the heck out of pressing charges and then just let that whole town sweat it out over a $20k party bill.

  3. On another site I read this on it stated that Holloway had started some kind of website called

    On the site he has posted pics that these kids posted partying in HIS PLACE on twitter in hopes that they will change their ways. Basically giving them a second chance.

    This man is a class act and I hope those punks have some kind of punishment coming to them.

  4. wearethestoolers: It wouldn’t happen it Sh!ttsburgh because no one in their right mind would live in that dump of a city.

  5. $20k? That’s all? My water heater gave out one day and did more damage than that.

    Got pictures? Want to make a point? Hire a PI and help the DA build a case.

  6. What is it with the youth of today that has this sense of entitlement?
    They all think they’re important.
    They all think they’re celebrities.
    They all think they should matter, without ever accompishing anything.
    They all think they’re entitled to anything that is not bolted down.

    The “O” generation.

  7. “Rowdy” is way too nice a word.

    More like losers, degenerates, deadbeats, then cowards when it came time to take responsibility.

  8. Missed the opportunity to sacrfice the house for the betterment of society, by not sending a cruise missle in taking these punks out. Anyone who would break into a home of someone elses and destroy it has no regard for anything.

  9. Here’s the website, complete with all the Twitter posts and pics.

    I don’t know what is more amazing: the magnanimous way that Holloway is handling this, or the fact that 300 kids were so incredibly STUPID to tweet all that evidence of them breaking multiple laws.

    Forget the parents and forget the police. Can you imagine the consequences if every college admissions person in the country scanned this site? 300 more kids who should have had careers, working for minimum wage and living in their parents’ basement.

  10. “Rowdy” is the way we describe crimminal activity by juvie delinquents now?
    Poor little boys….they musta been ty-uwrd.

  11. As a teenager, I am absolutely disgusted by this. I certainly hope that those guys will see the error of their ways and reform, but they certainly need to be punished harshly.

  12. I’m pretty sure there were no Rhodes Scholars among the group. But, even so, and I grew up in public housing, I learned that people earn their things. You want it, you earn it!

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