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Factory of Sadness will get a facelift

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The on-field product arguably will be taking a hit in the short term, but the building in which the Browns play eventually will be seeing some improvements.

The Browns and the City of Cleveland issued a joint statement on Thursday regarding upgrades at the stadium where the team plays.

“We have established a positive relationship, we are working together, and we have had open dialogue regarding the necessary stadium repairs,” the statement reads.  “In its 15th season, the stadium is in obvious need of significant maintenance, similar to any sports venue of comparative age. We are working through our next steps and expect to have a more detailed approach soon.”

Sooner rather than later, the topic of a new stadium inevitably will be raised, since it seems like most NFL stadiums last anywhere from 25 to 30 years.

Especially when taxpayers are footing a large chunk of the bill.

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24 Responses to “Factory of Sadness will get a facelift”
  1. Joseph Russo III says: Sep 19, 2013 8:11 PM

    Yet, the Coliseum in Rome still stands. Although I think more football games have been won there by the home team.

  2. thegonz13 says: Sep 19, 2013 8:12 PM

    Fantastic! A brand new container with the old crappy contents inside!

  3. germanstingray says: Sep 19, 2013 8:13 PM

    There is an extremely pressing need for more vomitoriums in the stadium. At least one vomit receptacle per home field fan will be needed.

    Depends machines will also be installed on the home field sidelines to hopefully reduced the bench wetting problem.

    Small flat screen TVs with NFL Sunday Ticket will be installed on every seat so that those in the stadium can watch another game of their choice as well.

  4. thegonz13 says: Sep 19, 2013 8:16 PM

    Would have been cheaper to keep the stadium as is and get 53 new players.

  5. schultzbrigade says: Sep 19, 2013 8:19 PM

    Implode the Factory of Sadness and dump it in Lake Erie.

  6. FinFan68 says: Sep 19, 2013 8:24 PM

    Bad timing for this announcement. Unless that face-lift includes a shiny new franchise QB, Browns fans will be pissed off for quite a while (longer)

  7. wearethechampsandyourenot says: Sep 19, 2013 8:24 PM

    the world champs own these clowns!!!!


  8. craniator says: Sep 19, 2013 8:29 PM

    Hey , I don’t think the Browns are very far away from having a really good team ; they’ve already got probably the best left tackle in football and a hellacious defensive line and line backing corps.
    Diss them now while you can , because I think they’re going to get their long awaited franchise QB next Spring and vault to the top of the AFC North within the next three seasons. I’m a Dolphins fan , so I’ve had plenty of experience in seeing my team getting unfairly slammed by the press and on various message boards. There seems to be a double standard among NFL teams nowadays (similar to our two political parties) — when teams like Cleveland and Miami do things , they’re viewed as being bad moves , but when other teams do exactly the same thing , they’re good , or at least okay moves.

  9. datmilehighswagistoodamnhigh says: Sep 19, 2013 8:34 PM

    7tds in one game……shut up already, that was last year. You should be focusing on getting lucky and goin 8-8 instead harassing poor Cleveland fans. Youll be in the basement soon enough.

  10. arctantheta says: Sep 19, 2013 8:52 PM

    seems like they’re wagging the dog here

  11. berniesboys says: Sep 19, 2013 9:01 PM

    Can we write one Browns article that doesn’t include the words “Factory of Sadness”?

  12. multiplemiggs says: Sep 19, 2013 9:05 PM

    craniator thinks theyre not far from having a good team the day after they trade away their star player and are starting their 30th qb in 10 years. LOL They are once again in complete rebuild. idk about you but I think rebuilding takes a little longer than a couple of years amigo

  13. bensstinkyfingers says: Sep 19, 2013 9:10 PM

    You can paint a turd, you still end up with a turd. Great that Haslam is spending his hard earned billions on cosmetics, too bad the stadium will be half empty the remainder of the season, unless they donate tickets to the homeless in Cleveland, or if opposing team fans make the trip. Hope Jimmy has some rebate scheme to make up the difference of losing a large portion of your fanbase, by trading one of the 3 or 4 players fans were exicted to watch play on sundays.

  14. logicaldawg says: Sep 19, 2013 9:14 PM

    It would appear that none of you ever figured it out: “Factory of Sadness” is OUR term.

  15. waitstop says: Sep 19, 2013 9:17 PM

    New Coke comes to mind.

  16. jimthebuilder27 says: Sep 19, 2013 9:20 PM

    Lipstick on a pig.

    Change the appearance, it’s still a Factory of Sadness. Sorry Browns fans.

  17. urbusted2 says: Sep 19, 2013 9:30 PM

    I’m a Browns fan. The Browns have a rich tradition and I’m proud of that. Since 99, not so much but I remain loyal. I don’t understand this articles author’s delight in using a stale, overused demeaning term to describe our stadium. There are several teams that are having a difficult time competing in the NFL today. Was the Richardson trade a good one? I’ll tell you in about 2-3 years.

  18. istateyourname says: Sep 19, 2013 10:40 PM

    …and in 17 months, it will get another one – that’s how they do things there now.

  19. clemenza58 says: Sep 19, 2013 10:49 PM

    The improvements need to be made to the team, not the stadium.

  20. seanpbeck says: Sep 19, 2013 10:55 PM

    “We just need to extend the alcohol and tobacco tax for another 15 years to fund the repairs. It’s a win-win since alcohol and tobacco, among other things, are the only way you can get through watching this piss poor excuse for the once great Cleveland Browns.”

    “Oh yeah. PS – when we want to build a brand new stadium in another 15 years you’ll need to re-purchase your already worthless PSLs to build the thing.”

  21. camdenyard says: Sep 19, 2013 10:59 PM

    There seems to be a double standard among NFL teams nowadays (similar to our two political parties) — when teams like Cleveland and Miami do things , they’re viewed as being bad moves , but when other teams do exactly the same thing , they’re good , or at least okay moves.

    You see, when bad teams make moves it’s usually out of desperation. And that rarely goes well. Like opening the vault for a linebacker with 10 career starts. Not smart. Winners like the Ravens have respected personnel men like Ozzie who make savvy moves – “right player, right price”.

  22. 1oldpro says: Sep 19, 2013 11:30 PM

    The Cher of stadiums.

  23. jgd3rd says: Sep 20, 2013 7:26 AM

    The thought of replacing the stadium is crazy. Unless of course, the same people that built the team also built the stadium – in that case I’d understand. Poor Cleveland fans.

    And next up, can we talk about the increasing problems associated with the Owners integrity?

    Cleveland, the good news is bottom is either in or it damn near is.

  24. aallgod says: Sep 20, 2013 9:56 AM

    Probably adding a lid to the toilet bowl.

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