Chandler Jones fined $15,750 for roughing penalty


Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was fined $15,750 for a roughing the passer penalty against Jets quarterback Geno Smith in Week Two, the NFL confirmed to PFT on Friday.

Jones was penalized after hitting Smith around the neck area in the first quarter. Smith, who was sandwiched between Jones and Patriots defensive lineman Michael Buchanan, completed a 27-yard pass to Santonio Holmes on the play.

Jones sacked Smith twice in the Patriots’ victory.

Jones’ fine is one of numerous post-game penalties levied by the NFL in the wake of the season’s first Jets-Patriots matchup.

7 responses to “Chandler Jones fined $15,750 for roughing penalty

  1. It is so hard for defensive players….but they all have to pplay by the new rules…we might not like it but “It is what it is.”, and the sooner they adapt to it, the better off the team will be.

  2. Geno should be glad it was Chandler Jones who hit him instead of Chandlers older brother John “Bones” Jones…

  3. There fines are getting out of hand. It is impossible to play defense nowadays. DeMeco Ryans gets a fine for a hit he couldn’t have avoided if he wanted to. Every game has a play that a player is fined 5 figures. I know the players make hundreds of thousands and some millions, but to fine a player on every flag it seems over-the-top.

    How do the players play within the rules when often times the players are fined on plays that the refs don’t call flags?

    If I am a player or future player, I am holding out on the next CBA to force lower fines because they have become impossible to avoid if you are playing defense.

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