Morgan Burnett out, Eddie Lacy questionable for Packers


Safety Morgan Burnett’s 2013 debut wont come when the Packers face the Bengals on Sunday.

Coach Mike McCarthy announced Friday that Burnett has been ruled out for the third straight week. Jerron McMillian and M.D. Jennings will start at safety again for the Packers with Chris Banjo in reserve. Cornerback Casey Hayward remains out with a hamstring injury but cornerback Tramon Williams is probable to play.

The Packers also look likely to play without running back Eddie Lacy this weekend. He’s been listed as questionable after suffering a concussion against Washington last week, but wasn’t able to practice on Friday and remains in the league’s concussion protocol awaiting full clearance to return to action. He could get it between now and the game, but it is a good bet that James Starks will be the main man in the Packers backfield this weekend.

Running back John Kuhn is listed as doubtful, which makes it likely that the Pack will only have two running backs — Starks and rookie Johnathan Franklin — active for the game.

40 responses to “Morgan Burnett out, Eddie Lacy questionable for Packers

  1. thepftpoet says:
    Sep 20, 2013 2:43 PM
    “Not a surprise considering how soft the Packers defense is, Noodle legged Burnett probably stubbed his toe on his way to practice”

    Morgan Burnett played every single snap for the Packers defense last year. He’s not someone who misses a lot of time from injury. Try again.

  2. In my humble opinion, going into a game with only 1 experienced RB is dumb.

    Packers are talking about promoting Michael Hill to the main roster from the practice squad. However, he has no experience.

    Time to bring back Brandon Jackson. He is only 27, knows the offense, and is awesome at pass protection.

    Otherwise, Ryan Grant. He is only 30, and averaged 4.1 yards a carry last year, better than all but DuJuan Harris from the team last year.

    I know that they won’t do either, but it is fun to speculate.

  3. tokyosandblaster says: Sep 20, 2013 2:56 PM

    Rest up, gents. We have the best running back in the division as far as ypc is concerned. We should be fine.
    huh, well what do you know, your right….

    Green Bay is also first in the entire league in offensive yards/game, and second in the league in points scored per game…..

    Now what was that guy that used to play for receiver for the Packers? You know, the one that wanted more money then Larry Fitzgerald?

    I forget his name.

  4. Good. No need for any of these guys to play this week and risk reinjuring something and being out longer. They have survived w/o them and with 2 full weeks of rest bring them back as close to 100% as possible. Have a long stretch before the 10 day layoff after the Thanksgiving game.

  5. I’m shocked – given how Meriwether kept his hands at his side an literally projected his head into Lacey’s head – that he wasn’t suspended. Say what you will, but that was a great example that the league doesn’t really give a damn about the concussion problem.

    Roger Gooddell talks a good game, but doesn’t execute worth a damn.

  6. @tokyosandblaster
    You are OUT OF YOUR MINE.
    Green bay dont have the best RB in the North. and you cant even find packers fans that will tell that lie with you. Forte will run circles around any RB in Green bay and you know it. AND how are you going to feel when the packers get beat by the Bengals

  7. No reason to try to push Burnett back with the bye next week anyway.
    Packer D statistics would look better if they hadn’t gone into a soft shell in the 3rd qtr. when they had a 31-0 lead on the R-Words. I guess they were about running out the clock and winning the game rather than pretty numbers.
    Even when the GB defense is bad, they have a chance because of their offense. If they had a QB who could only “stretch the field” with 20 yard balloons and had a bad pass defense to boot, they’d be in trouble I suppose.

  8. “chi01town says: Sep 20, 2013 3:18 PM

    You are OUT OF YOUR MINE.”

    Yes, get back in your mine. I am just curious what kind of mine it is…

  9. No surprise here. The plan seems to have been to rest Burnett and Hayward until have the bye for awhile now.

    Starks had a good game last week, but let’s not get carried away comparing him to elite RBs.. The reason Starks had a great game is because Aaron Rodgers was absolutely lighting up the Redskins secondary and they didn’t know what to do to stop him. I think that’s going to be the story of the Packers all year long, if Rodger’s is on (and he will be often), the running game is going to open up for them.

  10. hatesycophants says:
    Sep 20, 2013 4:11 PM
    A fat guy who can’t exercise because of a concussion is not a good look at RB.


    Maybe not, but he’ll get a ring or two before anyone wearing Honolulu Blue and silver.

  11. LOL @Chiotown

    Not only do you lack basic spelling skills but you’re seriously lacking reading comprehension skills too.

    Tokyo said best back in the division in YPC, which in case you didn’t know stands for yards per carry. Not even the Sandblaster, who is known for saying outlandish things, would claim the Packers have the best RB in the division.

  12. chiotown is worked up!!! super bears super bowl right chiotown!!! 2-0 bears in da superbowl!!! right chiotown??? some bears fans crack me up, they always talk smack (chiotown), but have trouble with their facts… lmao btw the packers have the best running back in all of football!!! better than a.p. better than lynch better than foster or mccoy!!! (sarcasm) for those of you who don’t know.

  13. @tangysizzl
    what are you a english teacher?
    man this is a football site. what I say about the packers wouldnt hurt so bad if green bay could beat the 49ers. BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT WONT HAPPEN! the Bengales is waiting and they wont lay down for the packers LIKE the Redskins did. 1-2 going into the bye week. now did I spell that right…

  14. Don’t worry guys, chi01town will be nowhere to be found after week nine when the Packers destroy the Bears.

    The question is, do we toy with this idiotic buffoon until then or just ignore him?

  15. This is the same chitown who had stellar predictions last year in that each of the Bear Packer games would be won by the Bears as well as the Bears winning the division, and Marshall dominating our db’s. Not one right can anyone say nostradumbass.

    As far as the mensa viking trolls like mastermoron and poet you do realize your defense is virtually the same yards wise as the Packers but the glaring statistic is the the Pack give up 5 less points per game while scoring 6 more pts a game while having more than 400+ yard adavantage in 2 games.

    What happens to the 5 remaining Viking posters if they lose to Cleveland?

  16. @beerbratscheese
    save your insults for later and talk football. the packers cant beat the 49ers NOWHERE! and they need to stop pretending that a fat RB will save them. that bum is hurt because of that weak O-line and Rodgers is NEXT!! the Bengales has a real defense and Rodgers will need the bye week

  17. Lastly chitown its kind of funny you need to pick a different team to side with to say the Packers cant beat because its pretty emabarrassing to admit that the Packers have owned the Bears for the past 7 games in a row. Matter of fact we have dominated you for the past 20 years, similar to the English language dominating you.

  18. @gbmickey
    ok.. I was trying to be nice. Now I wont. Kap talked about the packers
    like a dog then beat them worse than a dog at Vicks house. that O-line will get Rodgers killed. FAT BOY is already hurt. and Why is Dom Capers is still in green bay? could it be so he can take the fall for this season? the packers dont have a defense AT ALL. and I still didnt get my answer @gbmickey.. WHY IS RODGERS ALL OVER THE INTERNET TALKING ABOUT LOOKING INTO RYAN BRAUN’S EYES? after he turned down a date with Miss America. and I wont bring up Johnnie PURPLE DRANK Jolly yet. Ill just wait until he gets busted in his car high off codine AGAIN

  19. @gbmickey
    Answer this.. WHY IS RODGERS ALL OVER THE INTERNET TALKING ABOUT LOOKING INTO RYAN BRAUN’S EYES? after he turned down a date with Miss America.

  20. chi01town says:
    Sep 20, 2013 8:37 PM
    save your insults for later and talk football. the packers cant beat the 49ers NOWHERE! and they need to stop pretending that a fat RB will save them. that bum is hurt because of that weak O-line and Rodgers is NEXT!! the Bengales has a real defense and Rodgers will need the bye week

    Fair enough, chi01. I will try and address your points one at a time.

    1) The 49ers have had our number the last two years. That’s not an insult as they are a very good football team. However, the Packers were leading in the 4th quarter this year. The gap is closing, and teams are rarely the same from week 1 to the playoffs. There’s no reason for Packers fans not to be optimistic should these teams meet in the playoffs.

    2) You are right. A fat running back will not save the Packers. Fortunately, Eddie Lacy is NOT fat. In fact you’re more of an idiotic buffoon, than he is fat.

    3) He is hurt because of Brandon Merriwheather’s cheap helmet-to-helmet hit. It had nothing to do with the O-line. And there are NO indications that Aaron Rodgers will get hurt anytime soon.

    4) The Bengals do have a very good defense, but IMO, the 49ers is better, and the Packers came out of that game healthy. No question this game will be a tough one for the Packers, but if they play their best football, they should win.

    5) When the Bears play their best, they squeak out one point wins against teams like the Vikings.


  21. @beerbratscheese
    I tried to be nice to you and talk football man. you dont want to meet me or insult me in person because I will definetly hurt you. NOW talk football. WHY IS Aaron Rodgers all over the internet talking about looking into Ryan Braun’s eyes? after he turned down a date with Miss America. talk to you after the bye week cause you will be too upset tomorrow after the Bengales beat the packers

  22. Chi01town.

    When your mother and sister are hard at work on the pole, what do you see in their eyes. Based on your mastery of the English language, and some if your replys, things are starting to make sense. You must have been dropped on your head a few too many times as a kid. You are an embarrassment to the State of Illinois and the entire Chicago Bear fan base. Go Pack Go!!

  23. Dude, everything in my last post was about football. That Chicago education must be very limiting, unless you just dropped out at a young age. And you seriously threatening to hurt me…over the internet? You are a joke and a half, plain and simple.

    Your fixation on Aaron Rodgers is laughable. One can only assume that you are hoping he is gay so that you can keep up the fantasy that you have a shot with him. Gay or straight he is 20 times better than Jay Quitler…and I’m fine with that.

  24. @beerbratscheese
    Cutler is #6 on the MVP list right now. you gone have to except that last season is over man. the better all around team is Chicago. Rodgers is a good QB but he is by his self. He has NO #1 WR on the team Cobb, James, and Nelson cant wait to get on the IR list. the packers has the worse O-line in football and everybody knows it. thats why FAT BOY is hurt now. they are going to LOSE to the Bengales because of that weak O-line. and go into the bye week 1-2. Mean while Chicago will beat the Steelers to go 3-0 Sunday night. and by the time the packers come back to play week after next Chicago will have a 2 game lead in the division and be 4-0 after they beat the Lions. Now you watch to see if Im right

  25. The Bears and the Packers both have tough games this week.

    I hope both teams win and keep the divisional race close.

    Chi01town-the Packers are playing the BENGALS, THERE IS NOT AN ‘E’. They are not a spanish team. Google Chrome web browser has spell check. You should download it.

  26. OK, this is my last response, because your posts keep getting dumber and dumber.

    I am fully aware of the fact that last season is over. That gut-wrenching loss to the 49ers in the playoffs made it crystal clear. Fortunately, this years’ Packer team is BETTER than last years’ team. The way they were able to hang with the 49ers for 3 1/2 quarters proved it.

    I guess if you don’t think the Packers have a true #1 WR, I guess that’s your opinion. The stats say otherwise. All three have a better YPC than Brandon Marshall, so I guess he’s not a true #1 either.

    You keep hating on Eddie Lacy as well, yet he as practically the same YPC than Forte. If they each had the same number of carries, they’d be practically the same running back.

    And here’s the kicker. You’re bragging up Jay Cutler. That’s absolutely HILARIOUS!! Question for you: how many seasons has Jay had a good 2-3 game stretch only to look average to pathetic for most of the other games? The answer is ALL OF THEM!

    Honestly, if you think the Bears have the division under control and Jay will finish near the top of the MVP voting, feel free to laugh at the Packers now, because us fans will be laughing twice as hard at you several weeks from now.

  27. Chi01town claims the Packers can’t beat the 49ers. Yet in the last 16 meetings the pack is 12-4 against the west coast wimps. Lifetime they are 34-30.

    Who cares if we have lost the last 3 to them. How many championships or Superbowls have the 49ers had in the last 20 years?

    7 division, 2 conference, 1 super bowl.

    How about the Packers?

    9 division, 3 conference, 2 superbowl

    We beat the 49ers in every category.

  28. Hey Packers fans yesterday wont happen again!! its gone. Last season is gone. this is the 2013- 2014 season. stop bringing up last year and 3 years before that. talking about past numbers cant help the packers this season.

  29. Chi01town, just because the bears beat two lousy teams (barely by 4 points) doesn’t mean they are any good. Going three and zero doesn’t mean much when they haven’t faced a decent team.

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