Aldon Smith headed to rehab “sooner than later”


Earlier today, Jay Glazer of FOX said that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith could be headed to rehab after a Friday arrest for suspicion of DUI.

The “could” has become a “will.”

Per a league source, the final determination will be made after today’s game, but Smith “will be going sooner than later.”

Smith now has a pair of alcohol-related incidents during his NFL career, which began as a top-10 pick in 2011.

The 49ers have five games until their bye.  They face the Rams on Thursday night, then they have Sunday games against the Texans, Cardinals, Titans, and Jaguars.

Tune in to NBC’s Football Night in America at 7:00 p.m. ET for more on Smith from Peter King of

32 responses to “Aldon Smith headed to rehab “sooner than later”

  1. redandgoldhitman52 says: Sep 22, 2013 5:52 PM

    this is like the 6th aldon smith report in the last 24 hours. enough already. theres alot of football going on talk about football, not off the field personal issues.

    Good point.

    40 whiners losing at half to Indy.

    Colon Krapernick welched on his bet and didn’t shave an eyebrow.

    Crybaughby is complaining about something.

  2. “Red and gold hitman 52” wants flo to quit talking about something negative regarding the niners? Shocking.

    You probably whine as much as harbaugh

  3. Rehab is a place where you find the true meaning of life.. for example if tom brady went to rehab he would realize that selling uggs is a very femine thing and he should just stick to football

  4. filthymcnasty1: Very funny post! I am with you on this one. The thing that makes it scarier for me is that coach Jimmy is SOBER and behaves the way he does! It might require an exorcism!

  5. Personally when a drunk or drug impaired idiot hurts or kills themselves I’m ok with it. But these criminals are putting everyone’s lives at risk. Families are destroyed by these felons. The 49s should be ashamed to allow him to play today. This guy is a repeat offender and to hear and read NFL analyst say alleged DUI when he blow twice the amount is shameful too. NFL is becoming a joke. Look at the Denver situation with some of its players and executives.

  6. If you are an officer in the USAF your career is over if you get ONE DUI. The AF understands its attempted murder when an officer drives drunk. No excuses for officers, enlisted sometime would catch a break.

  7. This kid isn’t an addict…..he’s a moron. Throw him in jail for 3 months and stop wasting time with “rehab”. He wont learn anything by talking to a bunch of junkies….he’ll go along with the BS program and then laugh about it on his way home (because he’ll be an out-patient). Take away his freedom for 3 months and watch how he suddenly stops driving drunk.

  8. I think a player who gets a DUI should get the hammer, but we can’t keep saying, “If this was the real word, or military, etc.” Just like in the civilian world, a strong union will protect it’s people. Same thing happens in sports. And yes, I was in the Navy and I’ve never had a DUI/drug offense. Just saying that not everyone loses their job in the “real world” for getting a DUI/drug offense.

  9. arwiv: Why quibble, or restrict his character traits to one description. We can broaden our outlooks and decree that he is an addict AND a moron.

  10. Fortunately, rehab CAN work even if you go just to stay out of jail. Sometimes a person “gets it” while there. And believe it or not, getting arrested a time or two can cause a person to decide they need to make better choices. Hopefully that’s the case here. He is so lucky he didn’t injure or kill anyone. He is a gifted player and I hope he takes this opportunity to handle this problem…before he kills somebody. 49er’s suck for letting him play today. Of course, they also sucked on the field.

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