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Hugh Douglas arrested after alleged fight at hotel

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Hugh Douglas is in trouble again.

The former NFL linebacker was arrested in Hartford, Conn. after he allegedly violently attacked a woman at a hotel.

According to Joseph Wenzel IV of WFSB-TV in Hartford, Douglas got into a fight with the woman at a Marriott hotel at Adriaen’s Landing. Court records indicate Douglas “grabbed her by the neck” and “slammed her into the walls several times.” Douglas claimed the injuries came during a sexual encounter.

He was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation. The arrest comes just over a month removed from an incident with former ESPN colleague Michael Smith at a National Association of Black Journalists convention in Orlando, Fla. Douglas and Smith were engaged in a very heated verbal altercation that ultimately led to Douglas being let go by ESPN.

Douglas played 10 seasons in the NFL with the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars.

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42 Responses to “Hugh Douglas arrested after alleged fight at hotel”
  1. abusementland says: Sep 24, 2013 10:39 PM

    I suppose he is going to say the concussion made him do it….

  2. sabatimus says: Sep 24, 2013 10:46 PM

    Very nice. Steroids/buttholes strike again.

  3. frankgarrett says: Sep 24, 2013 10:50 PM

    Vikings Suck

  4. 3 Finger Lenny says: Sep 24, 2013 10:55 PM

    Hugh loved the nudity bars while in Philly

  5. 09domer says: Sep 24, 2013 10:56 PM

    This guy is such a turd.

  6. macneil4025 says: Sep 24, 2013 10:57 PM

    Just a class act, what a joke this dude is!

  7. richiethek says: Sep 24, 2013 10:58 PM

    Can someone get Big Hugh a counseling session?

  8. steelerstrong says: Sep 24, 2013 11:04 PM

    Keep’in it real…

  9. commonsensedude says: Sep 24, 2013 11:15 PM

    Was the woman by any chance named Sweet Pea?

  10. earpaniac says: Sep 24, 2013 11:27 PM

    I always traded for him in Tecmo Super Bowl

  11. gallaghedj311 says: Sep 24, 2013 11:31 PM

    He was a defensive end, not a linebacker

  12. 2difshoe says: Sep 24, 2013 11:35 PM

    This animal is definitely suffering from CTE, or at the very least should clearly use it as a defense.

  13. arlingtonsynn says: Sep 24, 2013 11:40 PM

    Two thoughts:

    1.) Foreplay… you are doing it wrong.

    2.) I wonder if he was staying in the “Badassador Suite”.

  14. buckethead1 says: Sep 24, 2013 11:43 PM

    ESPN will hire anyone…Charles Manson and the ghost of John Wayne Gacy will audition tomorrow to fill in for Mike and Mike..

  15. njskins says: Sep 24, 2013 11:52 PM


  16. dukeblue12 says: Sep 25, 2013 12:11 AM

    When keepin it real goes wrong. Waaaay wrong.

  17. darcrequiem says: Sep 25, 2013 12:23 AM

    Where is T.O. when you need him? Hugh is fighting women and reporters from ESPN now. When he got into with T.O. in the Eagles locker room, he got rolled.

  18. orivar says: Sep 25, 2013 12:57 AM

    From losing the fight to T.O to WWE in the ‘bedroom’, I think Hugh needs to do a Ricky Williams and mellow out.

  19. thegreatgabbert says: Sep 25, 2013 1:15 AM

    “Couldn’t rightly tell iffn theys fightin’ er funnin’, Yer Honor, but either ways, he wuz slammin’ her inta the walls. Repeatedly…We just redid them walls last June….”.

  20. rajbais says: Sep 25, 2013 1:20 AM

    WIP is going to be cracking hard with Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team soon.

  21. 302baller says: Sep 25, 2013 2:35 AM

    He’s just a real alpha dog, she probably had it coming!

  22. jimiinpa says: Sep 25, 2013 2:39 AM

    Roid Rage

  23. borisbulldog says: Sep 25, 2013 5:04 AM

    Roid rage?

  24. mclovin07 says: Sep 25, 2013 5:46 AM

    One word: PSYCHO!!!

  25. nickynick04 says: Sep 25, 2013 6:57 AM

    Douglas is a piece of work.
    I remember in his year at Jacksonville. He literally lied down against the Packers.
    Even the Packers commented on him just quitting.

    Strange dude.
    And in Philly he s god.
    Enough said there.

  26. larrydavid7000 says: Sep 25, 2013 7:25 AM

    This guy is out of hand.

  27. flavordave says: Sep 25, 2013 7:29 AM

    Wow Hugh Douglas hasnt been the same man after his fight with T.O.
    T.O. always leaves a lasting impression of chaos with people.

  28. mdbengal says: Sep 25, 2013 7:33 AM

    What a Hugh Jass.

  29. broncostevenp says: Sep 25, 2013 7:40 AM

    I’d be willing to bet he is battling substance abuse issues. This seems out of character for him. I don’t ever remember him getting in trouble before these 2 latest incidents.

  30. eagleempire says: Sep 25, 2013 7:50 AM

    Way to go Hugh! You came off as such an arrogant tough guy at a radio show/autograph signing in 2003 in Philadelpia towards me and my kid. Some things never change. I hope you go to jail!

    FORMER Hugh Douglas Fan

  31. cmdrsmooth says: Sep 25, 2013 8:02 AM

    C’mon Hu, get it together.

  32. calhounlambeau says: Sep 25, 2013 8:20 AM

    Hugh Douglas was a defensive end. He never played linebacker.

  33. lrjets says: Sep 25, 2013 8:35 AM

    Pretty good footballer. Not a bad commentator.

    But like some others, the party side of his brain dominates his behavior.

  34. tory707 says: Sep 25, 2013 8:46 AM

    Mr joe cool. Guy is and always was an ahole. Can’t believe the eagles gave him a job as an ambassador after he retired. The guy us a cream

  35. surfinbird1 says: Sep 25, 2013 8:48 AM

    The Giants could use him.

  36. greymares says: Sep 25, 2013 9:18 AM

    He’s turned into a real dick. but you guys are wrong he kicked T.O.’s arse. check it out.

  37. whysomanylosers says: Sep 25, 2013 10:11 AM

    Always a fine line between foreplay and assault…..

    What a DB.

  38. eagles512 says: Sep 25, 2013 10:49 AM

    A god in Philly? Where’d you get that? But for the record, I heard he beat TO.

  39. sneaky2038 says: Sep 25, 2013 3:34 PM

    ummm isn’t he married o.O

  40. icdogg says: Sep 26, 2013 6:06 PM

    I keep clicking “Report comment” when I mean to hit the thumbs up or down

  41. chmckenna says: Sep 26, 2013 10:20 PM

    If I remember correctly he was working at 610 when Brett Myers beat his wife in a hotel room and had a lot to say about it – seems like the same situation????

  42. oldbyrd says: Sep 27, 2013 10:16 AM

    He has the desease as Tiger Woods LOL.

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