Iloka likely will be getting a package this week from the league office


In the first half of Sunday’s back-and-forth loss to the Bengals, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley left with a concussion.

The concussion came after Finley took a blow to the head from Bengals safety George Iloka.  Iloka likely will soon be taking a blow to his paycheck.

A league source explained on Sunday that the NFL believes Finley clearly was in a defenseless posture when struck, which means he shouldn’t have been hit in the head or neck area.  The only question was whether Finley was indeed struck in the head by Iloka.

Video from the play indicates that Iloka indeed struck Finley in the head.

It was similar to last week’s hit by Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans on Chargers receiver Malcom Floyd.  Finley ducked into the contact, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to determining whether an infraction occurred.

As in Floyd’s case, the flag mistakenly wasn’t thrown.  As in Floyd’s case, a fine could be coming for Iloka.

The extent to which the contact is unavoidable becomes a mitigating factor, which could prompt the NFL to not fine Iloka — or which could help Iloka win the case on appeal.

If Iloka isn’t fined, it will be very hard to reconcile the Ryans-Floyd hit with the Iloka-Finley collision.

9 responses to “Iloka likely will be getting a package this week from the league office

  1. BS…if you saw the play Iloka was aiming for the midsection and then Finley bent over after catching the ball. Its impossible to predict where the receiver’s head will be when you are 5 yards away and getting ready to make a tackle. The hit was a glancing blow that was clearly not intended to be a head shot. Also, it was not penalized and it was in the middle of the field….obviously not a malicious hit.

  2. These are the times that I wish these articles came with a video of the play in question. What else are you supposed to do in that situation? Finley ducked into Iloka…and even then the hit didn’t lead with the head. Its all well and good to have strict liability enforcement… but if there is literally nothing the defender could have done differently other than simply let the defender catch the ball… then I don’t see what impact a fine is supposed to have.

  3. Yeah, after watching replays and seeing Finley lower himself into the hit, I don’t see anything malicious–because there is none. He’ll win the appeal, or the NFL will become touch football.

  4. @beerbratscheese
    You’ve been hiding from me man.
    when last we posted you said I was a dummie. but everything I said happened. NOW that was a good hit. this anit tennis this is football and Finley gets paid to get hit and get hurt.

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