Buccaneers missing receivers at practice again on Thursday


Mike Glennon’s ascension to the starting quarterback job in Tampa is progressing without much help from the team’s starting wide receivers.

Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams both missed practice again on Thursday, raising doubts about whether they’ll be able to be on the field when Glennon leads the offense onto the field against the Cardinals. That’s a serious concern for an offense that has hardly lit up the scoreboard with the two top wideouts in the lineup.

What isn’t a concern, according to Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, is the limited amount of time that Jackson and Williams have had to work with Glennon.

“They have cumulative reps together. Would it be better if they had the whole week together? Sure,” Schiano said, via Jenna Laine of Sports Talk Florida. “Very rarely does that happen. I shouldn’t say ‘very rarely,’ but it’s often that you don’t get reps with guys because that’s the nature of the beast.”

Jackson and Williams have 26 of the 43 receptions by Tampa receivers thus far this season and they have accounted for 391 of the 571 yards gained through the air.

4 responses to “Buccaneers missing receivers at practice again on Thursday

  1. Is it really going to make a difference? This new high powered offense lead by Glennon should put up a whopping 9 points instead of 3.

  2. Wait, Bucs missing receivers? I thought that was Freemans’ job!

    (try the veal…)

    Seriously, last weeks lament was that TB was only two plays away from being 2-0. They lose to the Patriots ( as others do every year) and suddenly its the “full body of work” of Freeman that determined that he needs to sit down?

    This team is flat-out weird sometimes.

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