Chiefs finish September with perfect mark


The Chiefs couldn’t have wished for a better start to the 2013 season.

Once again, they took care of business on Sunday, pulling away for a 31-7 victory against the Giants. With the win, Kansas City became the first AFC team to run its record to 4-0.

The Giants, meanwhile, are now 0-4.

This was just a 10-7 game late in the third quarter. Then, the Chiefs struck with an 89-yard punt return from Dexter McCluster, increasing their lead to 10 points.

After another Giants punt, the Chiefs put the game way with a 14-play, 80 yard drive taking more than nine minutes and ending in a Jamaal Charles two-yard TD catch. The drive was extended when the Giants committed a penalty on field goal, giving the Chiefs a first down.

The Giants’ lone score came on a 69-yard TD reception from Victor Cruz, who had 10 catches for 164 yards on the day. However, the Giants’ offense again sputtered, converting just 1-of-14 third downs. Eli Manning was sacked three times and completed just 18-of-37 passes for 217 yards.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith threw for 288 yards and three touchdowns. He committed his first two turnovers of the season, throwing a pair of picks. The Giants, though, could not capitalize.

The Chiefs travel to Tennessee next Sunday, while the Giants will host the Eagles.

22 responses to “Chiefs finish September with perfect mark

  1. Happy for Alex Smith. He’s talented, classy and was dealt a bad hand by SF. Good for him. No skin in in this game but I am pleased.

  2. Barbecue for Andy Reid is like spinach for Popeye. Can delicious meat be considered performance enhancing?

  3. Mr Clowney, meet the NY Giants. If not, NY Giants, meet a plethora of picks that will fix your team within a year.

  4. Logicalvoicesays is so embarrassed by his Redskins, he’ll only troll non-redskin articles now. Good luck with that Superbowl Mr. Illogical, the Redskins haven’t won a single game, and RG3 isn’t looking so good, but keep talking. Some people are only good at running their mouth… or in this case, running their fingers on a keyboard.

    Good work K.C. Nice to see this franchise turn things around.

  5. Kelly

    The giants and steelers are just dealing with the inevitable cost of success. They have both won 2 sb’s over the past 8 years….and they are both paying for it. You win with a group of players and you feel the need to lock them up….and your cap eventually gets pushed to the limit. You continually pick in the bottom half of the draft (and both teams got the last pick twice as well). Its no coincidence that the two most successful teams over the past 10 years are going down the tubes at the same time.

  6. arwiv:

    What you say is logicial except in the case of the Green Bay Packers who have maintained a high level since 2000. I think the difference is we had two of the best QB’s to play the game pilot the ship since then. Many teams were not so fortunate to have QB’s who can cover for weaknesses as they reload..;

  7. Good start by Reid and the Chiefs. This is certainly a great start and a much needed one at that for this franchise. As for the Giants, and speaking as a fan who’s seen them falter in the ’01 SB and then win two in the last few years, it does show that much work is needed in each facet of their game. The O line is definitely showing their age. The D can’t seem to stop anybody. And overall, the team just don’t look competitive. I am not sure if a change up top is needed as well, but it sure does look like a shake up and some personnel changes may need to take place to right the ship.

    It is a pretty large hole to dig into and I am not quite sure the team, as it is right now, is built to make a run and dig themselves out. But as some has already mentioned here, this is a price you pay when you achieve success. I really would just like to watch some good games from them but it doesn’t seem like it will happen this season.

  8. True enough on the packers comment. Eli and Ben are very good but they are not elite. The same can probably be said for the pats as well. Still though, that amount of success over a fairly short period of time will eventually cost a team…..and after all, that is what the NFL wants.

  9. I’m so glad Alex Smith is getting a fresh start in Kansas City with Reid and making the best of it so far. I was one of the few Niners fans at the time that didn’t want to get rid of him and start Kaep after a few great games. He’s taken a step back this year for sure, while Alex has quietly led his team to 4-0. Couldn’t happen to a classier guy and football player. Hoping the Chiefs keep it going this year and surprise a lot of people.

  10. There are six components that make up an NFL team: the three the consumer sees on the field Sunday; offense, defense and special teams. The fourth is visible on game day but also operates with the fifth and sixth between games and more importantly, during the off-season: Coaching. Finally, management and ownership. Each has a defined role and when a team consistently does well, the consumer is seeing the product of all six components, each functioning at a high level while complementing/working well with each others.

    This is what has the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs at 4-0, where they could easily be 2-2 so far without the impact of decisions like Clark Hunt going to Philadelphia before Andy Reid flew out for interviews with other clubs, the signing of Alex Smith, and the structural decision within the organization to bring in a guy like John Dorsey to be general manager and let a guy like Andy Reid focus on coaching.

    Talented people thrive in great systems and environments, while the same talented people fail in poor ones.

  11. Diehard Chargers fan here (yes, such a thing exists), but I’m watching the Derrick Thomas “A Football Life” episode, and remembering what great respect I have for Chiefs fans and the Chiefs organization. I’m in my 20’s, I don’t remember a whole lot of your 90’s era team, but I remember that Arrowhead owned December… And I remember Derrick Thomas.

    I remember getting Schottenheimer (and Donny Edwards) and it’s been all vivid and lucid since then.

    Let me say, that it’s a shame you aren’t discussed as much as you should be. At 4-0, you’re every bit the team that the Broncos and Seahawks are.

    If my Chargers don’t make the playoffs (and we might not, because of you), I will be rooting for the Chiefs.

    Bravo to a wonderful start of the 2013 season.

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