Allen: Raiders held Pryor after “extreme caution”


After breaking down the obvious, that Matt Flynn didn’t play well, the Raiders also admitted how close Terrelle Pryor was to making him a moot point.

According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said they erred on the side of “extreme caution” with Pryor’s concussion.

“We were actually at a point where we were ready to go with Terrelle,” Allen said. “We visited with him one more time with the doctors, and we just didn’t feel good about letting him play. It just wasn’t the right thing to do, and we wanted to make sure we did right by him.”

Allen said he was “very hopeful,” that Pryor would be able to return next week against the Chargers.

“We were at the point where we were about ready to say, ‘He’s got it,’ but we just didn’t feel comfortable going ahead and letting him play,” Allen said.

While having so much staked to Terrelle Pryor speaks to the overall situation in Oakland, Flynn’s deficiencies made it clear how much they need him.

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  1. Good move! The Raiders let Mike Lombardturd work while in a concussed state and look how badly that ended.

  2. Pryor would probably have been destroyed considering the dismal performance of the O-Line.

    They let Flynn take the beating, allowing for Pryor to get to 100% so he can continue to use his speed to run away from the defenders.

    O-Line blows.

  3. I’m really surprised by Matt Flynn’s failures in two organizations. He was very good as a backup in Green Bay.
    I suspect he’s a “system quarterback”, who was able to run Green Bay’s offense, but not able to pick up other offenses.
    He could come back to Green Bay as a backup, but not for what teams are paying him now.

  4. This loss hurt, but it’s ok. Gotta make sure we protect our Franchise QB, no need to rush him when it’s very unlikely that we win the division(damn you peyton) or make the playoffs with KC and SD ahead.
    Next year though OH MAH GAWD!!!

  5. Most likely the Raiders will end up taking Clowney or the top OT anyways, so it doesn’t really make sense to endanger Pryor when this is clearly a development project. The Raiders have quietly spent the past 2 years cleaning up the cap mess left by Al Davis and Pryor having a good statistical year buys both the coach and the GM one more year.

  6. logicalvoicesays says: Sep 30, 2013 9:27 AM


    You have said this before. Running out of material, Bro. But you are celebrity on here, that should carry you for a couple of more years.


  7. Matt Flynn = Brady Quinn, Matt Lienart, Joey Harrington, even Browning Nagle…..All systems QB’s…weak arms and can only thrive with a solid O line, good RB, good TE, deep threat WR, posession WR, and a great Kr……I would trade him for something and build around Pryor….The kid has improved each week.

  8. I think the Raiders are looking to the draft already. It’s a habit. Best thing, for the Davis family is to sell the franchise and get out of Football. Al Davis was a Football man and the son isn’t.

  9. It was a good move. The Raiders aren’t going anywhere this season anyway. Just consider this entire year a long preseason for Pryor, try to draft well and sign some OL in the offseason, then see if Pryor and the organization can take a step forward next year. I like Pryor’s potential and it would be foolish to get the kid destroyed during his first season of regular playing time.

  10. I lost a three team parlay due to picking the Raiders on the card. I had no idea Flynn was so mediocre. My bad!

  11. Holding out Pryor from the game made perfect sense. While the Washington defense isn’t very good, they do have a legitimate pass rush threat in Kerrigan and that Oakland O-Line looks like the Bears line from last year. It isn’t worth the risk of getting another concussion when the last one isn’t fully healed. If McFadden and Reece both stay healthy, there is a chance the Raiders win that game, despite the dismal performance of Flynn.

  12. Darren McMarshmallow being himself pretty early this year. Not really a suprise, but I thought he might make it a few more games. My bad.

    The rest of the West hopes you build around Pryor though. The elite defenses won’t be letting him run around like that without suffering the results of that bad decision. If you think he’s hurt now…whoa.

  13. Looks very much like Dennis Allen wanted to sit Pryor so he could try out his chosen boy, Flynn.

    DA has not wanted anything to do with Pryor since he started coaching for the Raiders and it is only Pryor’s superior play that has forced Allen to give Pryor the start.

    Amazing how stupid some of these head coaches are.

  14. You know what the irony is the Raiders will lick second and draft Clowney who will end up being a bust.Why?Because that’s pretty much the Raider way.

  15. You know, this may sound on the trivial side, but I firmly believe this; If I am a prime draft candidate, in any position be it a tackle, end, QB, whatever and I get drafted by the Oakland Raiders, the first thing I would say is s_ _ _!!! Why do you want me? You have nothing to offer me but misery. You have done nothing in the past 10 years to show me that you are making progress. I have seen high caliber guys go to you only to get their talents degraded. You haven’t hired a good coach in years and you are still doing it and why do I have to play on a Griddiamond? I’m going to pull a Manning (both Peyton and Eli) and refuse to go to a team that drafted them. I refuse to go!!!

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