Reports: Coples, Wilkerson fined for hit of Jake Locker


The question didn’t seem to be if Quinton Coples and Muhammad Wilkerson would be fined for their combined hit on Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker last week but how much they would be fined for the play.

The league has indeed leveled fines against the duo for their hits on Locker that left him with an injured hip.

According to Jason La Canfora of, Wilkerson has been fined $15,785 for the late his late hit of Locker. Meanwhile, Coples has been fined $7,875 for his part in the play per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Wilkerson hit Locker late after Locker threw a pass and Coples also delivered a blow as Locker was heading to the ground. The play left Locker with an injured hip that required a stretcher to take him from the playing field. The news for Locker wasn’t as bad as initially feared and the injury will not require surgery, though he is still expected to miss a few weeks of action.

While Locker said Wednesday that he didn’t believe the hits were malicious, the league wasn’t going to let a late hit to a quarterback that left him injured go without punishment. Both players are planning on appealing their fines.

16 responses to “Reports: Coples, Wilkerson fined for hit of Jake Locker

  1. Dirty, ridiculous hit that should have resulted in a penalty as well. If the QB had been Manning, Brady, Brees, or Rodgers there most definitely would have been a flag. The officiating in the NFL is atrocious.

  2. Too bad Locker was injured, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the hit. Nobody should have been fined, outside of the NFL official who levied the fines.

    This is absurd. They allow Vick, Russell Wilson among others to become human pinadas, but you can’t breathe on others. It’s pretty obvious what they’re doing.

  3. Even though neither hit was worthy of a fine, you can at least understand Wilkerson getting hit with something. But Coples literally just stood there as Locker ping-ponged off him..

    What a joke.

  4. instead of fining guys, the nfl should just make them pay the injured party’s hospital bill.

  5. If there’s ever need to show a late hit video, the one on Jake Locker should serve as teaching material.

    Curious enough, the fines are quite low, while bogus calls are going over $50,000 every time.

  6. If Jake Locker wasn’t a mobile QB there would have been flags thrown on that pass. He was inside the pocket and Wilkerson took an extra step before delivering his shot. Coples hit was the dirty one even though he lifted his arms up after like he didn’t do anything wrong. I am not for NFL takings hits out of the game I just want them to apply the rules to each team not just protect Brady and Manning.

  7. The first hit was late and he knew it. he planted his right fiot and ducked in. but not a dirty hit as in he was trying to hurt locker just playing football. should have been flagged not fined. coples if you watch the play can see befire he is hit by the blocker that jake released the ball. as jake is hit and sent his way he lowers his shoulder and leads into him. something you do when you are after the ball carrier. fined. and should have been more then what he got. before running your mouth on here watch the play a couple times. if it was your favorite qb you would be upset about it calling it dirty. coples had every chance to let up on the play. if someone might disagree then i will take that as we are watching two different plays

  8. Just my opinion, but if it doesn’t get called on the field then no fines should be levied after the fact. Then the NFL will have to live with the inconsistency &/or incompetence of their refs and actually have to do something about it if they want to be able to fine plays & players! Such baloney for the league to be making fines from replays that never got flagged in the first place!!! Way too many are happening like this!

  9. Wow, I am amazed at the number of people posting here that don’t think a fine was warranted on that play. I admit I loathe the jets, but I saw that play several times and there’s no question Wilkerson was late and didn’t he lead with his helmet into Locker’s chest? As for Coples, total dirtbag. He made a point to angle his body to take a shot at Locker as he was going down, then attempted to act as if he was avoiding him.

    If there’s a team in the league that really shouldn’t be giving the opposing defense any extra incentive to get after their QB, it’s the jets with that offensive line of theirs. Rex would be wise to tell his boys to cut back on the cheap stuff.

    I completely agree the league takes things too far at times with the fines, and overreacting to hits, but this is not one of them. Kudos to Locker for not whining about it, but the fines should have been even higher.

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