Giants visit with Jason Smith

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On Tuesday, the Giants held a Gong Show tryout for 10 offensive linemen.  On Wednesday, they invited an 11th lineman to town for a visit.

Per a league source, the Giants visited with tackle Jason Smith.

The second overall pick in the 2009 draft, Smith has been a relatively rare bust at the tackle position.  The Rams traded him after three disappointing seasons to the Jets for right tackle Wayne Hunter.  Smith appeared in all 16 games last season without a start.

Smith has been cut this year by the Saints and again by the Jets.

The Giants’ interest in Smith proves just how bad the situation is on the offensive line for the team in New York that was supposed to have a good one.

12 responses to “Giants visit with Jason Smith

  1. What I do not understand is why teams appear not to have tried Smith at guard. There are many college tackles who could not cut it as tackles at the NFL level who were serviceable guards. Of course, maybe they have tried him at guard and he cannot cut it there either.

  2. That’s what I was thinking. Why not give the guy a shot at guard and go from there. It could ultimately be an easier position for him to handle.t

  3. Aaron Curry, Keith Rivers, now Jason Smith. Boy, we love us some reclamation stories don’t we. Since we just cut Da’Rel Scott, why not see what KiJana Carter is up to?*

    *I’m actually worried they might do something like this.

  4. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 3, 2013 1:47 PM
    We need guards, not tackles. If he can convert to guard, then so be it. Otherwise, move on to someone else.
    It worked for “tackle bust” Leonard Davis, right? You wouldn’t know it by our line this year but Flaherty is a highly regarded o-line coach who’s done wonders over the years with less than top notch talent. Before Pugh, we hadn’t drafted an 1st rd. OL since Luke Petitgout and year in year out Eli is among the least sacked QBs in the league. As a Giants’ fan, I know I’m telling you a bunch of stuff you already know. We need something to cling on to keep the faith. Maybe a mundane signing like this is just it.

  5. Yeah, I saw him really railing on them last week. They weren’t AS bad vs. Kansas City (because of the 3-4 and they rush wide), but they need to get that interior fixed.

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