John Harbaugh: We need to get Ray Rice involved every single way


The Ravens played without running back Ray Rice because of a hip injury in Week Three and they pretty much played without him again in Week Four even though he was healthy.

Rice carried the ball five times in the entire game and didn’t catch a pass, something that hasn’t happened in a game that Rice played from start to finish since the 2010 season. Quarterback Joe Flacco threw Rice’s way just once and the Ravens offense flailed around until Flacco’s fifth interception pretty much iced things for the Bills.

Part of the reason why Rice wasn’t a factor in the passing game was the needed him as a blocker to keep Flacco upright, something the Ravens hope will be less necessary with Eugene Monroe joining the club to be their new left tackle. Whether or not Monroe can have that impact, coach John Harbaugh knows that the team needs to make better use of a talented player.

“We need to get Ray out. We had some five-man protections where he was releasing, but we just weren’t able to get him the ball. They were covering him and had a guy on him pretty tight,” Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “But we need to get Ray involved, in every single way — the pass game, run game, every single way. It’s definitely going to be important for us. We want to do it every week and obviously we didn’t do a good job of that last Sunday.”

The Ravens haven’t adequately replaced what Dennis Pitta and Anquan Boldin brought to the table as chain-moving targets in the passing game, which makes it even odder that Rice wasn’t used more last weekend. Rice should be able to replace some of what’s missing as either a runner or a receiver and he should get a chance to prove it against the Dolphins this weekend.

18 responses to “John Harbaugh: We need to get Ray Rice involved every single way

  1. That’s right special team HC run your RB into the ground. Can’t you see father time is catching up to him?????. Like I said 6-10 at best with Flucco at the helm. LMAO.

  2. Rice broke off of protection to receive several times against Buffalo and 90% of them looked planned. but he was being covered by Kiko Alonso and Manny Lawson all day, two Linebackers that made him disappear. When they ran him, he was kept in check by Mario Williams and Alonso. The Bills and Pettine had the ground game covered after learning the hard way with Powell and the Jets. Flacco was going to have to win that game in the air if they wanted that W.

  3. I don’t know why this is the same problem the ravens have every year. Hey you guys have one of the best RB’s in the league with everyone else on the offense mediocre. You should probably use him.

  4. It’s John Harbaugh’s Code for we need to take the ball away from a lightning in a bottle QB that threw 5 picks last week!

  5. As a Steelers fan it blows my mind how they just stop giving him the ball for such long stretches. You would think they wouldve learned this by now but they just keep putting the ball in average joe flaccos hands…

  6. he wasn’t healthy
    they were down multiple scores

    ray didnt get the ball.
    nothing here really.

    another week to heal, he’ll get the ball.more.

  7. It’s week 5, coach, maybe you should have thought of a way to get your best player involved a little earlier. Just sayin…

  8. It all starts in the trenches and our trench is a leaking sieve right now. Hopefully the embarrassment of the Bills game and all the media/fan outlash will result in a more motivated team this week against a very good team in the Dolphins.

  9. Really john. and thought mike tomlin was going to run away with the coach obvious title for this year.

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