NFL moves Week Seven Texans-Chiefs kickoff to 4:25 Eastern


The NFL has made a minor adjustment to the Week Seven schedule.

The Texans-Chiefs game, which had previously been scheduled for a 1 p.m. ET kickoff, has now been moved to 4:25 p.m. ET, 3:25 local time in Kansas City.

Moves like this frequently happen as the season goes on, primarily to allow better games to reach larger TV audiences. At the time that the schedule was released, the two CBS games in the late afternoon window were Browns-Packers and Ravens-Steelers. Now that we’re four weeks into the season and the Browns are 2-2, the Packers are 1-2, the Ravens are 2-2 and the Steelers are 0-4, those games don’t look as appealing as they did when the schedule came out.

But with the Chiefs the most pleasant surprise in the NFL at 4-0, a game in Kansas City looks more appealing than it did when the schedule. So a larger TV audience will now be able to see Texans-Chiefs, while fewer markets will get Browns-Packers and Ravens-Steelers. For most fans, that will be viewed as welcome news.

13 responses to “NFL moves Week Seven Texans-Chiefs kickoff to 4:25 Eastern

  1. So basically “Flex scheduling” is actually a season long thing not for weeks 14 and later. Gotcha

  2. So the 4-2 Browns vs. the 3-2 Packers isn’t appealing? And if the Chiefs loose 2 in a row going into the game?
    I’m sure the fans that made plans when they bought non-flex tickets appreciate this move.

  3. @Rick Spielman is a Magician

    You shouldn’t be concerned about 1 game getting axed on primetime. Looking at the Packers schedule for the next 9 weeks, I can’t imagine you guys going less that 7-2 or possibly 8-1.

    They’ll be back in primetime soon enough.

  4. the only thing that kind of sucks, is for out of town fans. a game in KC, its tough to get to, because flying into KC, and out of KC, there aren’t that many flights, its not like you are flying out of Atlanta.

    and they move the game, people like myself who travel to games, tend to want to return home for work on Monday, to do so, you have to take one of the latest flights(usually 6-7) that gets you back to the west coast or east coast in time.

    this definitely would complicate things.

    and isn’t this basically flex scheduling? meaning if you travel to a game, you are pretty much only safe in the first 2-3 weeks of the season to book in advance.

  5. Not if you’re a Browns fan and live in Jersey.
    I never get to see them. Thank you Red Zone.

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