Santonio Holmes: If I could throw it to myself, I would

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The Jets and Giants share a stadium in New Jersey and it seems that wide receivers from the two teams are also sharing talking points.

After the Giants were crushed by the Panthers in Week Three, Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said “I can’t throw it to myself” when asked about not having any catches in that game. That explains the familiar ring to Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes’ response to a similar question on Thursday about his one catch against the Titans in last Sunday’s loss.

“I can’t throw it to myself and catch it, otherwise I would,” Holmes said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I played 49 plays, and all I know is I had one catch. That’s all I can attest for. I just have to do my part, which is the position that I’m playing, which is primary X receiver, and a lot of times I get double-covered, taken out of plays, so the progression and the read from the quarterback have to go elsewhere.”

Holmes was targeted five times last weekend with three throws falling incomplete and one getting intercepted. For the season, Holmes has been targeted a team-high 24 times and has 10 catches.

The frequently cranky receiver also answered a question about what he saw from Geno Smith in the game by saying that he saw the Jets lost the game. The comments call to mind the ugly end of the 2011 season when Holmes was benched for arguing with his teammates in the huddle, although things are less testy this time around. This week’s round comes ahead of a Monday night game against the Falcons that Holmes is likely to miss because of a hamstring injury. Perhaps the time off will give him a chance to come up with a way to throw the ball to himself.

37 responses to “Santonio Holmes: If I could throw it to myself, I would

  1. The difference between the Nicks statement and the Holmes statement was that Nicks wasn’t targeted much during the Panthers game. Holmes, on the other hand, is the most targeted receiver on the Jets every single game!

  2. P U T Z, Completely and Totally. Why didn’t the Jets understand what the Steelers knew and did?

  3. Of course he would. This is a common trait of a “Me” athlete instead of a “Team” athlete.

    Believe me, Mr Holmes, if you *did* have the talent to throw it to yourself and catch it the Jets would have found a way to ruin it and drain it out of you. That’s the way they roll.

  4. So if you could throw it to yourself in double coverage, rather than make the correct read, you would?

    This is why you aren’t throwing it.

  5. Holmes has the attitude of a superstar receiver. His only issue is that he’s nowhere near a superstar receiver.

  6. It’s a shame someone with such immense athletic talent can be such a selfish jerk that it’s probably better without him.

    The guy was a Super Bowl hero in Pittsburgh and they still let him go. What does that tell ya?

  7. Geno Smith is completely clueless. He got very lucky against Tampa Bay and played well against Buffalo (even a broken clock is right twice a day). But he’s just turrible, as Charles Barkley would say.

  8. The guy had 154 yards the week before and the game winning touchdown. You’d think they’d have him in the game plan because that would just make too much sense.

  9. The last part of his quote actually makes sense. With no other viable options, defenses can key on taking him out of the play and force Smith to look elsewhere. But once he makes the first stupid statement, no one is listening anymore, which is his own fault.

    I do think it’s kind of funny that he knew exactly now many plays he was in for.

  10. I can’t believe you all are misunderstanding what he is saying. He is simply saying that he is constantly being double covered as the #1 receiver, so the QB is checking down to the other options because the QB knows that Sadtonio is not good enough…(Calvin, Grahm, Green, Cruz, etc……) to make a play on the ball or physically beat the double team. Sheesh.

  11. When receivers state their feelings like Holmes and Nicks, their diminished mental capacity is shown.

    Do they mean they can read the defenses (pass coverage and pass rush defenses) and then correctly adjust their own routes?

    How about being the Hot Read and precisely running the route and throwing the ball at the right time?

    How about recognizing you become the Hot Read and precisely adjusting to the correct Hot Route and throwing the ball at the right time for the right passing window?

    How about shutting up and realizing you just do not have it to be a NFL QB?

  12. How about working on the catch it part and getting yourself up over 50% on receptions to targets?

    Or maybe getting open so that your rookie QB doesn’t have to be pin point accurate to get the ball to you without being intercepted?

    How about recognizing that with Hill and Gates hurt, Keller long gone and the running game not being all that special, defenses have realized that they can key in on taking him out of the game, and his route running can help manipulate the coverages and get other guys open so you can win?

    Santonio Holmes – all the talent in the world and not a shred of character.

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