LeSean fires shots at Knowshon

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy should be pulling for Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno, and the rest of his team.  After all, if Denver holds on to beat Dallas, the Cowboys and Eagles will be tied for first place in the NFC East, at 2-3 each.

Not so.

With Knowshon playing well and ESPN’s Skip Bayless pointing it out on Twitter, LeSean McCoy retweeted Bayless with this extra addition:  “Knowshon sucks.”

Given that Knowshon’s Broncos kicked the crap out of LeSean’s Eagles last month, McCoy should be a little more humble.

Then again, that wouldn’t be any fun.

37 responses to “LeSean fires shots at Knowshon

  1. They came out in the same draft. Knowshon was drafted in the first round and Shady wasn’t picked up until the second round. Of course there will be some bitterness there especially because he is the best back from that draft class.

  2. “After all, if Denver holds on to beat Dallas, the Cowboys and Eagles will be tied for first place in the NFC East, at 2-3 each.”

    If the Cowboys lose the Eagles will have sole possession of first place via division wins.

  3. Shady is a phenomenal talent, but he does have a habit of talking through twitter far too much. I notice he’s not out there talking smack to guys on the field where they can get at him

  4. Um…he’s right.

    LeSean is the better than Knowshon and it’s not even close. Only reason Knowshon has success is because of the way defenses play denver. Imagine if LeSean had those same holes Knowshon has. He’d easily average 7-8 yards a carry.

    Scary thing is…I’m not even exaggerating.

  5. mikefreemansunnamedsource says:

    “If the Cowboys lose the Eagles will have sole possession of first place via division wins.”

    Philly fan here. Actually, this is incorrect. The tiebreaker you are referring to is actually division PERCENTAGE, not wins. And since Dallas is 1-0 and Philly is 2-0, the percentage is tied at 1.000

    The next tiebreaker is strength of victory, and currently Dallas has sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

  6. If I had to guess he probably wrote it right after his first carry where he would not go down. The media prefers to see everything in a negative way…when that is not always the intention. Either way, LeSean should expect people to take it negatively…

  7. Knowshon used to suck. He’s much better now – it all started in the playoffs last season. McCoy may be the better back but what has he won? Seems to me you should at least win a rushing title before you start running your mouth.

  8. How can he blame Knowshon for being drafted before him. I think he is mad because he wanted to play with Peyton Mannings and didn’t want to play for the Eagles.Lol. Get over it Shady McCoy.

  9. I only got 2 things to say.

    1. It baffles me that this is even news, get over it and move on. McCoy is entitled to express his opinions via HIS twitter account, just like any other person.

    2. If Denver and Knowshon make it to the Super Bowl, know that it has very little to do with Knowshon’s contributions. Concidering the big picture, Knowshon has not contributed anything significant. Hell, I could be a 1,000 yard rusher if I played with the 2013 Broncos. No defensive coordinator is remotely concerned about him.

  10. I’m a jets fan and could careless about either team, McCoy is 10x maybe even 20x better then NoShow….I mean even when healthy NoShow takes himself out after every carry, he is weak,,.mccoy is a beast, not close…doesn’t matter if Denver beat Philly by 80, McCoy way better…

  11. No, McCoy is one of the best players on his team and irreplaceable. Moreno is the tool that could be easily replaced with Hillman or Ball.

    If Denver did not have a QB that had illegal stem-cell surgery (to which the NFL turned a blind eye) performing at super-stem-cell levels, Moreno would be irrelevant.

  12. Knowshon is a decent player, I don’t know if he is good. However, any decent running back can look good in the right offense. Again, Moreno is not a high priority to any defensive coordinator and he is taking advantage of being somewhat over looked. I like both Moreno and McCoy, but McCoy is a bigger factor in his offense than Moreno as of now.

  13. Oh, and here’s something for all the “Knowshon is on a 5-0 team that will be in the Super Bowl, he can’t possibly suck” people. The practice squad also get rings if their team wins the Super Bowl. So that argument is not only irrelevant, it also makes you look somewhat ignorant. I’m not saying he sucks, I’m just making a point.

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